10 Best and most profitable niche for your blog

It is important to choose a good niche before creating blog. Niche blog gives you a unique place in search engine.10 best and most profitable niche.

This is the first step to gain success in your blogging career. Blog should always be on a good and profitable niche So that you can easily fit into the world of blogging and gradually you can generate revenue from blogging. But Before starting blogging, it is very difficult to choose a niche and if you choose a good niche then you can also Earn money online from it. 

Most of new bloggers daily face this problem in blog career. They have a passion for blogging but due to lack of good niche, they never become successful bloggers.

If you also want to start your blogging career and you do not have any idea of ​​any niche, then keep reading this article till the end. Here, you will get all answers to your queries.

Today we will understand about the best blogging niche and the most profitable niche through this article. But before that you have to understand what is the niche blog and its related things ;

So Let's get started,

What is Niche blog?

10 Best and most profitable niche for your blog

Niche blogging refers to the process of creating blog with the determination of using it in a specific niche market. Niche blog is commonly known as niche website which may appeal to any certain group of people.

There are some such posts which are related to a particular topic in your blog and you write more posts about that specific catagory, this specific topic or category is called niche.

Let's understand this with an example;

There is a website which daily publishes articles on phone reviews, software reviews, gadgets, then we can says that website niche is related to technology.

Why is it important to choose the right niche for blog?

#1 Targeting audience

When your blog is written according to a specific niche, then its biggest advantage is that your website gets the target audience who is interested in your niche and interested in reading all the posts related to it.

#2 Monetization

If your blog is on a particular niche then you can easily monetize your blog. Google adsense also gives good CPC according to niche and keywords of the blogs. If your niche is related to technology, health or study then you can also earn money by providing their products and services with the help of Affiliate programs.

#3 Good impression on Google

When your blog is on a specific niche, Google also considers you as an expert in that field. When any user searches the topic of that particular niche, then Google will show your content first.

#4 Branding of your blog

Whenever you create a blog, its branding is also very important.With the help of Internet one can easily carry out branding of their blog but it will cost some amount. But if your blog is on a specific niche then there is no need to worry about branding. Whenever a user visits your site, he will clear all his doubts and will consider your website like a brand.

fix some mistakes before choosing the niche

There are many bloggers who select good niche but still their content gets dead within few months or a year. If you do not want anything like this to happen with you then read the fact that are mentioned below and rectify your mistakes.

• Always work on the niche in which you have good knowledge. New bloggers often make such a mistake and then it always results only in their failure.

• A lot of blogging is done to earn money, so whenever you choose a niche, first see that niche can be monetize and how many earrings can be generated from it.

• Whenever someone starts working on particular Niche they should check beforehand how much scope does that niche have and how much demand is there on the Internet of that particular niche.

• If possible, when you buy the domain, then also put the word of your particular Niche in it because Google will easily understand that your blog is based on that niche. This will also affect SEO.

Best and most profitable niche for your blog

10 Best and most profitable niche for your blog

Today I am will tell you about the best and most profitable niches, which will bring traffic to your blog and will also earn for you.

#1 Travel Niche

It is great idea to start blogging with travel niche.There is a lot of demand for the travel niche in the blogging world. Whenever a person plans a trip somewhere, he first wants to know about that place, nearby hotels, cabs etc. If you start a blog on a travel niche, then you can monetize your blog in many ways like Adsense, Affiliates links of hotels and cabs etc. You will get profitable earning by this niche and at same time they will also get good services.

#2 Health and Fitness niche

I personally like this niche too because my other blog Healthydose is also a related to this niche. Competition is also low on the health and fitness niche. If you are interested in health and fitness, then this will be the best option for you. It is very easy to write articles on health and fitness niche, in which you can tell health related tips, diet plans, treatment of diseases and ways to stay fit. Google Adsense also easily monetize the health and fitness niche. Apart from this, you can also earn money by selling products such as heathy supplements, fitness related equipments, etc from affiliate marketing.

#3 Money and finance niche

Money is a word that everyone wants to get. Also the most searched word in the Internet is money. Everyone wants to earn money. Money and finance is best niche from which you can earn good earnings, but there is enough competion in this niche. This dependents on your SEO and luck, how soon you get success in this niche. You can get money or finance niche's blog monetized with Google Adsense, only you have to put Disclaimer in your blog's posts. From this niche you can also generate good income from Affiliate Program like loan offers, Investing, and other finance services.

#4 Fashion niche

Nowadays the world pays a lot of attention in fashion. Day and night people keep searching about the tips and products related to fashion on the Internet. If you are very knowledgeable about fashion then you can choose the fashion niche. Only you have to post daily on blog as well as in instagram. Google gives good CPC on the fashion niche so that you will be able to get profitable earnings and at the same time you can also earn money by providing fashion dress, cosmetics, and other services through the Affiliate program.

#5 Lifestyle niche

Lifestyle niche is also a good option in which you can start your blogging career. Lifestyle niche refers to writing about different set of topics which are connected to each other through same targeted audience. For example: you are writing about food health and motherhood the connection between them is that you aimed it for women aged 30 to 40 who wants to eat good, maintain their health and at same time raise their children. 

You can mix topics according to your choice but you just have to make sure that your blog should have clear brand to give direction and focus to it.

#6 Business and Marketing niche

You must have noticed that whenever you search the list of blogs, most of the blogs are on this niche. If you are from business and marketing background, then working on this niche is a good idea. Working on this niche is also very easy, only you should have knowledge about business and also have good marketing skills. Business and marketing can be the best and most profitable niche for you. Even you can easily monetize these niche blogs with google Adsense and you can also earn profit by joining Affiliate Programs.

#7 Technology and Gaming niche

If you are interested in technology and gaming, then the idea of ​​working on this niche is great. Here you can earn money online by selling software, hardware, technology products through affiliate marketing. Now you will be thinking that it is difficult to work on this niche without industrial news and insider information, but still you can write its specifications, features and reviews. If you are thinking to start working on the technology and gaming niche then this will be the best and most profitable niche for you.

• here, you can start Mobile, Gadget reviews blog

• You can start blog for buy and Selling softwares.

• You can start blog for Tech. News where you can spread information about company's new launched products.

• Tutorials - like how to create this?

 bla.... bla....

#8 Education niche

As we know that many schools and colleges in our country are closed due to curfew.

Students are searching their queries on internet. The demand for online education has increased due to this - So It is right time to start blogging with Education niche.

There are many bloggers who are bringing a lot of earning from the education niche. If you are a teacher or a master in a particular subject, then you can work on the education niche and can easily rank on Google. Competition is also low in this niche, due to which it can also bring good traffic to your blog site. You can also get adsence approval with education niche and along with this you can generate good earning by teaching in online classes and providing notes.

#9 Food niche

If you are a food lover and know how to cook, then it is good idea to start blogging with food niche where can you teach; how to cook tasty food and also provides different recipes of good food. It is best and most profitable niche for blogging. You can also monetize these blogs with advertisement or by putiing affilate links on it.

#10 Craft and DIY niche

Do you like to weave, sew, paint or decorate something then diy and crafts niche will be best for you.Where you can teach how to do craft and diy by writing Tutorials. You can also promote your crafts and sell it throughout the world. Crafts and diy is also a best and most profitable niche for your blog. You can easily monetize it from google adsence and earn money online.


It is important to choose a good niche before creating a blog. Niche blog gives you a unique place in the search engine. It is compulsory to work on specific niche. In this article we have learnt about "10 best and most profitable niche for blog". Know your interests before choosing any niche, because if you choose a niche according to your interests, then you will always have an interest to write about it. And you will definitely get success in it. These above mentioned niche will help you a lot in your blogging journey and will make you a successful blogger.

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