Blogger Review: Features, How to make a Blogger Website, Pros & Cons

Through this article you have learnt about what is Blogger, what are its features, limitations, Pros & cons and simple guide to make Blogger website.

Want to start blogging through blogger? But before that you have to get summarise blogger review.

On the Internet, you will find many blogging platforms, with which you can share your thoughts across the world. Such platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Wix etc . But when it comes to start blogging career, the first choice that comes in everyone's mind is the blogger. In Blogger, you can publish your passion and make way for yourself.

It is good to say that Blogger has been at the forefront of the rest of the blogging platform since the 1990s.

But as we know there are two sides of each coin, similarly Blogger also has two sides, its pros in one aspect and its cons in the other aspect. So, without wasting time let's get started with new refreshed topic!! In this article we will discuss about blogger, blogger review, Blogger Pros and Cons, perfect guide to make a blogger website anf features of Blogger.

So let's dive in!!

What is blogger?

Blogger is a free and most popular CMS (Content management system) based blogging platform that allows us to write freely on the internet. Blogger was developed in 1999 by Prya Labs. And after sometime in 2003, Google acquired Blogger's service from prya labs - Since then, it has been a Google product. Blogger has the most extensive international user base, in which it supports more than 60 languages. Google itself hosts blogs which we can easily access with its blogspot domain and it also allows to add custom domain by using DNS servers where you can easily connect your custom domain url to google servers.

In simple words, Blogger is a powerful web publishing platform through which we can easily create any type of Blogger website for free.

Features of blogger

Above we read about blogger, now we will discuss the features of blogger. So the main features of blogger are as follows

• Easy to work

In Blogger, you will get a user friendly interface as well as CMS visuals, which makes working on Blogger very easy.  Even if you don't have the knowledge of coding - you can easily write blogs in Blogger and make them accessible to the world.

• Earning Option

Another cool feature you can find in Blogger is monetization. In the blogger dashboard, you get to see the earning tab, using which you can get your blog monetize by getting Google Adsense approval and you can earn money online. Apart from this, you can also get the blog monetized by other alternative.  But one thing you should always keep in mind that your content must be of high quality in order to earn through blogger.

• SEO Friendly

As we know that Blogger don't support any SEO optimized plugins but still you get the SEO inbuilt feature in Blogger using which you can easily rank your page on search engines - but the condition is that you should have a little knowledge of onpage SEO.

• Free Web hosting and Sub domain

The biggest advantage of creating a blog on Blogger is that you don't need to purchase any hosting because Google provides you free hosting in Blogger and in Blogger you get a free blogspot domain like ( Using which you can easily make your personal blog.

• Mobile Responsive

Blogger is also a mobile responsive based CMS platform which means you can easily operate it through your smartphone and put content, photos, videos, links, etc. on your blog.

• Free SSL Security

Google never compromises in the case of security, the same is the case with Blogger.  Blogger is highly SSL secured platform that also provides free SSL certified security to its users, which means no third party will access your personal content and information.

• Upload themes and customisation

In the blogger you will find variety of themes, by which you can give more professional look to your blog. Apart from this, you also get the features of uploading a theme in Blogger, in which you can apply any custom themes to your blog and customize it according to your own requirements.

• Blogging with blogger is totally free

On blogger you can start a blog without investing any money. Here, you will neither need hosting nor buying a domain. Blogger offers free hosting and free subdomains using which you can start your professional blogging career.

Limitations of blogger

Now let's discuss about some limitations of Blogger which are as follows
• In blogger you cannot create more than 100 blogs on one account.
• There is no limit to post in Blogger, but still you cannot post more than 100 posts per day.
• If you revoke the terms and policy of the blogger, then the blogger can delete your account without any notice.
• You cannot invite more than 100 team members to your blog.
• You cannot add more than 500 characters to the description of any blog.
• You cannot add more than 5,000 labels to a blog.
• In Blogger, you can see limited plugins as compared to other CMS alternatives.
• You will not find any advanced SEO tools in Blogger.
• Falcon's size should not exceed 100 kb.

Blogger Pros and cons

We have discussed about limitations of Blogger. Now let's discuss about the pros and cons of Blogger.
Blogger Pros Blogger Cons
• Free Blogging Platform. • Limited features
• Easy to use • No Advance SEO plugins.
• Support monetisation. • Poor customer support.
 • Access world wide readers. • Not fully control by you

Perfect guide to make a blogger website

By following the given steps, you can easily create your blog website on Blogger.

• Create an account

You must signup on Blogger before creating a Blogger website. Creating an account on Blogger is a very easy task, for this you should have only a Gmail account.
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
- In this, you will have to enter your Gmail ID and password for signup. After completing this step, you will enter in the world of Blogger.

• Choose Blog name

After creating a successful account on blogger, you must name your blog.  In the field of blogging, this step is considered to be the most important because it will give a new identity to your blog. Always keep in mind that the name of the blog should be kept on your working niche so that people have no difficulties in knowing the topic of your blog.
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
- And definitely put a keyword in the name of your blog so that there is no need to do more search engine optimization on your blog.

• Choose Sub-domain

After setting the name of the blog, you will have to choose the URL of your blog.  You should choose something like ( You will have to select it according to your own choice. You can also edit this domain later but I would not recommend doing this because editing the url again and again will affect your blog ranking. 
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
- After selecting the blog url click on "Save and Continue". One thing, even after taking the sub domain, you can also link your custom domain in it by DNS servers - But for that you have to buy a custom domain. You can also start with a free sub domain. It's not a big deal!!

• Select perfect theme

After selecting sub domain, your blog will be half ready. Now you will reach to the main dashboard of Blogger. In the beginning you will have some difficulty in understanding it, but gradually you will understand everything. - Now you have to Choose perfect themes for your blogger website. You will find many variety of themes in Blogger with which you can give professional and attractive looks to your blog.
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
Apart from this, you can also apply a custom theme to your blog. But keep one thing in your mind blogger only support .xml file format.

• Add layouts and plugins

After choosing a theme, you will need to add the layout and plugins of your Blogger theme where you can make good navigation by editing the layout, you can also show the label of the blog on the website. 
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
Apart from this, you can customize the blog by using many plugins in Blogger such as Blog search, Blog archive, Link list, Followers, Adsense etc.

• Create pages

After applying the plugin on the blogger website, you will have to create important pages of the blog.  Such as Disclaimer, Privacy policy, About and contact us. Creating these pages is very important because it allows everyone to easily read and understand the information on your website.  
Blogger Review: features, limitations, pros and cons, how to make a blogger website
Now you might be thinking that what should you write in these pages.
So Let me explain you !!
- In the DISCLAIMER page, you have to disclose the service of your Blogger website such as for what purpose your blogger website is working and what responsibility do you take regarding the content of your website or any statement which denies anything.
- In the PRIVACY POLICY page, you have to disclose your website policies regarding the user privacy protection, such as which user information you are taking in your blog, which type of advertisements are shown in your blog, etc.
- In ABOUT US page, You have to overview about your blog in which the purpose is to give information about the blog.
- In CONTACT US, You have to give your contact details so that any user can contact you about its queries.

• Publish your Content

This is the last step to create a blogging website, in which you only have to focus on your content. Always keep the article's wordlimit above 1000. Use images and videos in the blog as well. Always keep one thing in your mind that it is easy to make Blogger account, but it takes a lot of hard work to put good content in it. In Blogger, if you want to be successful, always write on topics which are unique and most in demand.


Above we have discussed about the Blogger review. Through this article you have learnt about what is Blogger, what are its features, limitations and perfect guide to make Blogger website. Blogger is a free CMS based blogging platform that allows us to writ freely on the internet. 

Blogger provide various features through which you can easily manage your Blogger website. Blogger is a good option if you are thinking about starting a blogging career but it also have its own pros and cons, so choose carefully according to your requirements. I hope this information will be helpful to you all.