12 best Alternatives of Feedburner after Feedburner shutting down.

Google will soon close FeedBurner's email subscription service. At such times, it is necessary for us to have an best alternative to the feedburner.

Google feedburner shutting down Follow-by-Email Service

Bad news for those bloggers who use FeedBurner service as follow-by-Email in their blog. Recently it has been revealed that Google will shut down the service of FeedBurner soon. Google has also announced that soon they will move to a new platform .

Let's discuss about what is Feedburner and why feedburner is shutting down

Feedburner is a feed management service that provides feed management and custom Rss feeds for bloggers, content publishers and podcasts. 

In simple words, feedburner is a Rss feed service which helps different visitors to subscribe to our blog and when we publish a new post in blog, it sends notification of information related to that post in subscriber's email. Feedburner was founded in 2004 and it was bought by Google in 2007. 
When Google took the feedburner in 2007, it did not get any update. There are also many failure occurred over the years.

For example: In 2012, there was a incident in which thousand of Japanese blogger lost their subscriber base because feedburner missed out on renewing the domain name. These mishaps are also a reason behind shutting down of feedburner's services.
12 best Alternatives of Feedburner after Feedburner shutting down.

The best Alternatives after the shutdown of feedburner's services

As we know, Google will soon close FeedBurner's email subscription service. At such times, it is necessary for us to have an alternative to the feedburner.Many such platforms will be found in internet which will give you services like feedburner and better performance.

There are various platforms available on internet which performs better that feedburner and all these alternatives provide same facilities like feedburner. And there are both paid and free platforms available in internet. 
Let's discuss about these platforms ;

#1 WordPress native RSS feed

Wordpress comes with prepacked features that automatically prepares a news feed for your blog. So so with this feature you can automatically setup RSS feed without spending money. It provides sufficient facilities and you won't need other platform if you are using native RSS feed.

You just have to navigate to www.yourblog.com/feed to get access to your RSS feed within milliseconds. Native RSS feed gives you full control over it and due to which you are able to make modification in the feed with the help of coding. But this feature have some limitations in it such as in starting you won't be able to get information about how many rivers have visited your post and also you will not get email subscription option and detailed statistics.

#2 Feedpress

If you use freeburner before then, you don't have to worry about your subscription because feedpress provides you feature of easy migration from the services. It allows you to migrate your subscribers from freeburner.

It also provide other perks like you can easily track feeds and subscription with the help of their analytic tool. You can also customise your account and why publishing new feeds you can use a custom domain. It makes easy to publish feed on social media automatically. The services of feedpress starts from $4 per month.

#3 Feedity

It is an outstanding service that automatically extracts information which you want from any website. It only takes few seconds to generate feed and to create notification related to subscription and publication.

It comes with various features like ad free environment, you can edit title and you can also use feed analytics. Feedity starts its services from $6 per month and it provides various plans like plus, business and corporate which can help you to expand the package to get more options.

#4 FollowIt

FollowIt is best Alternatives of FeedBurner. It comes in two versions, free and paid. Here, Follow-by-email service will be available in free version without spending any money. 

If you want more traffic from feeds, then you have to use paid version of the follow it.You can apply follow it easily to your blog, only you have to sign-in and paste the script code which will found on your blogger html section.

#5 Rapidfeeds

Rapidfeed is a platform that will help you in generating feed and publishing it to your subscribers. In this you can easily see statistics, geo distributions, user-agent stats and other details with the help of feedmanager app<. To work on your brand name, you can use your domain for RSS feed in rapidfeeds. 

And whenever you post something on your blog it will automatically publish feed in Twitter to your followers. Rapidfeeds starts its services from $4.49 per month and in this you get 24/7 support team.

#6 Feedblitz

Feedblitz is a service which provides you the facility of integrated comments system which will create a more dynamic and a live RSS feed. It also provide easy migration of subscribers if you use freeburner before. 

You can also earn money with the help of feedblitz as it has a option for featuring RSS feed friendly ad network. Feedblitz start their services from $7 per month in which you can find several plans for subscription and you can choose best among them.

#7 Simple feed stats

It is a wordpress plugin through which you can enhance your default RSS feed without spending any money. It provides useful statistics and in this we can easily track the feed automatically.
And you can able to see number of subscribers with the help of plugins. You don't have to pay money to third party services as it provides features for free.

#8 Aweber

Aweber is not fully design for RSS feed but it is still a better alternative to feedburner. With this you can generate and timely send RSS feed to your subscribers. In this you can work with up to 500 subscribers just for $19 per month. 

And you can also control details related to subscription and you can select specific days to notify your subscribers.

#9 MailChimp

It is a very famous email marketing service which is based on web. With many exciting features it provides us email to RSS feature. You can create custom RSS templates and also you can control the details related to how often you want to notify your subscribers.

In this you don't have to worry about sending notification to your subscribers because after publishing a post, MailChimp will automatically do it. It provides services for free if you have less than 2000 subscribers.

#10 Mad Mini

It is another web based email marketing service that provide emails to RSS feature. In this it is very simple to import RSS feed, you only have to select the the style and audience of your choice. 

Mad Mini include your entire post in feed but you can easily change it with the help of setting page. You can receive its services in about $10 per month. But to check if it perform properly or not you can try it out for free.

#11 Specific feeds

Specific seeds is completely free service which provides different subscription option to your site. For example - in this your subscribers can choose to receive update according to their interest due to which visitors will be less likely to unsubscribe your site. 

They can also change the way to collect content from your site by specifying delivery channel.

#12 Nourish 

This is an Email Service platform that provides free email to RSS service to new bloggers. Its interface is also good and you can easily apply it in your blogger.


Above we have discussed about the feedburner and reason for the shutting down of feedburner. We have also discussed about the alternatives to freeburner, if Google will going to shut down the freeburner services. 

Due to the problematic working of feedburner , Google will soon shut it down. There are various types alternative available on the Internet and if you don't want to spend money on the services then there are many platforms available which provides free services. 

And there are also many platforms available which gives you the facility to migrate your subscribers from freeburner. So if you had been using feedburner, then you can easily move to other platform without worrying about subscribers.