How to fix "Site Behavior Navigation" violation in Adsense

Violation of Site behavior navigation is a Google Adsense policy error that comes from applying bad navigation to a site.

How to fix "Site Behavior Navigation" violation in Adsense

In today's time, everyone is becoming dependent on the Internet.Through internet, people are doing many things like studying, business, cooking, transactions etc. As technology is increasing, people are thinking of making their career on the Internet. There are many mediums on the internet such as blogging, YouTube and many more from which you can generate good earning. Now let's talk about blogging, - There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but the best way is Google Adsense. You must have heard the term Google Adsense many times. To make money with Google Adsense, you just have to follow its policies. New blogger always makes some mistake once in his blogging career due to which Adsense rejects their application. Google Adsense also rejects your application due to the case of violation of site behavior navigation

Today we will explain the reasons for the site behavior navigation and how to resolve this issue.

After all, why do we get to see the site behavior navigation issue on our website?

This policy violation is seen when we apply bad navigation on our website. Now you must be wondering what is meant by bad navigation - it means when we make a mistake by putting links on your website.

How to fix "Site Behavior Navigation" violation in Adsense

Reasons for violation of site behavior navigation

Let us now understand the reasons in detail due to which you get an AdSense violation of site behavior navigation.

1. False Claim of streaming or downloading Content

Site behavior navigation comes on websites that claim to provide a content for free by downloading, but in reality the link is not working. There are also many bloggers who attract audiences by entering keywords of "free download" and "free stream" but when someone visits that link or site, they found nothing. This issue can also come when someone copy a video or stream of another person and put it on their website and it is copyrighted content. Google views all this from the perspective of policy And so whenever you apply AdSense in these cases, you get a violation of site behavior navigation.

2. Unrelated content on page

When there is a post in your blog which is different from the topic or in simple words we can say that a post in which the content is written opposite to the title or unrelated post then you can also get the site behavior navigation violation from Adsense and your Adsense application can be rejected along with it.

3. Linked to a page that is not real

This issue happens when we delete a page but forget to delete its interlinks. Whenever Google crawls your website, it will definitely go to that dead link. And Google will see the error of page 404 in that page, which you will also shows the violation of site behavior navigation.

4. Bad Redirected link

If you redirect your website to another third party website, it may also violate site behavior navigation on your website.

What does it mean? - Let's understand with the help of an example. Suppose someone searches my website "answersjet" on Google, then it will show my website and its anchor link. When he will come to my website through that link. After a while the user automatically reaches another website, it is called bad link redirect. Google always thinks about the user and does not accept redirection scripts which forcefully sends the user to other sites . If you also use such redirection script or bad redirection link, then you too can get the violation of this site behavior navigation.

How to fix AdSense site behavior navigation violations

Before applying Adsense, it is very important to have a good navigation on your website so that every user reach their destination page in a simple way. Without wasting time, let's know how to fix the violation of the site behavior navigation.

• Build good navigation

First of all, if your site does not have a navigation menu, then build it first. Because it will help your user to find the topic along with good interface.

• Remove broken and unusual links

Make sure to audit your site once a month, this will give you information about broken links and you can easily remove them.

• Avoid redirecting scripts

Always try to avoid putting unusual redirect scripts or links in the website. Because this will increase the loading speed of your site, along with it you will also get a violation of the site behavior of AdSense.

• Avoid to add external links

Whenever you create navigation, always add internal links to your site. And do not put third party links. This may also affect your indexing and may also lead to a violation of site behavior navigation.

• Change layout

Whenever you get a violation of site behavior navigation from Adsense, then change your layout and navigation menu.

• Add labels in Nav bar

If you are a blogger user and you have a violation of site behavior navigation then you must add labels to the nav bar of your blog.This will make it easier for the user to search for something and will be even more susceptible to the approval of Google Adsense.

• Add social media 

Before applying Adsense, make sure that the social media links in your website are not blank, if you have any blank links then add them.

• Avoid false claim

The biggest reason for the violation of AdSense site behavior navigation is that some bloggers put fake download links in their blog posts. If you want aproval of adsense then avoid false claim

• Avoid to add irrelevant content 

Always write content related to the topic that you are writing about in your website.


Above we have discussed about the violation of site behavior navigation. Through this article you will know about what is site behavior navigation and how blogger face the issue of violation of site behavior navigation. From above mentioned points you have learnt about the reason that leads to violation of site behavior navigation and methods to fix the violation of site behavior navigation. I hope this article will be useful to you.

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