Is Blogging Dead in the Future? how to avoid it

This question comes in the blogger's mind, Is blogging dead in Future? The Internet has more than 1.6 billions of websites, out of them 160 million ar

Is Blogging dead in Future? Some things that should be avoided before starting a blog.

Is Blogging dead in Future? Some things that should be avoided before starting a blog.

In today's time blog is the most trusted platform from which we can take any information. For example: Before buying any product in the Internet, an individual read different blogs in order to get information related to that product.

There are many platforms available in the internet which are rising more than blogging such as youtube and it seems that blogging is no longer required. Due to which a  same question comes in every blogger's mind that is blogging dead in future? and if not dead then how long will it take to become dead.

Now, let's discuss is Blogging dead?

The Internet has more than 1.6 billions of websites, out of them 160 million are blogs. More than 70 percent people still likes to read blogs. Google also prefers blogs more than paid ads in most cases.This means that blogging is not dead and it will never going to be dead. But traffic can be reduced due to some factors. 

Let'ss understand those reasons first;

1. To many bloggers

 According to moz, the first reason for less traffic in websites and blogs is that in today's time everyone is creating blogs, due to which the competition in blogging is increasing day by day. If anyone searches something on Google, then thousands of results are being shown. Most of the readers find their answer in just first result page and due to which the rest of the pages do not get traffic, and this reduces the traffic in their blogs.

2. Zero click Search

The second biggest reason of low traffic in the blog is zero click search. You must have heard about Google snippets feature. When we do some search on Google, it shows information in the search engine itself without visiting the site due to which the user don't access the website.

Recently Rand Fishkin gave one statement due to which Google also had to give its counter statement. In this statement rand fishkin said, "the number of zero click search has reached 65% which is increasing gradually".

Google said in its counter statement that "they think about their users as well as publishers. So they have created Google News Publisher platform for publishers, in which they can also get traffic by promoting their blog to the news publisher".

Most of the blogger are using old strategies, but to become a successful blogger, you have to upgrade your old strategies and bring creativity in your blog. If you do not upgrade old strategies, then your blogging profession will going to be dead in about 5 years. 

5 important things that keep Blogging from becoming dead in Future

If you want to be successful in your blogging career and want to  save your blogging profession from being dead, then you have to take more care of the following points.

#1 Stop using "CLICKBAIT'' on Title or in Images

You must have heard the word "clickbait" , but only a few people know its meaning.

So what is clickbait? Let's understand it in simple language - a lot of YouTubers and bloggers do clickbaits. They make content in another subject and they write something else in the title. They get traffic from it, but due to wrong information, the user returns soon from the website - which becomes a for blogging dead in future and it also Increases the bounce rate. if bounce rate increased then google will decrease your organic traffic source.

So whenever you add any content, put the title and images related to it so that every visitor will trust you more.

#2 Work on only one niche

If you are thinking of starting blogging then always work on one niche because if you put a bunch of topic on different subjects everyday, then your audience will continue to get confused and they will not know which niche your blog is related to. 

New bloggers always do the same mistakes, they make blogs and even buy top level domains, but still can't generate traffic.

They don't know about their niche and keep adding content in bulk due to which neither there content rank on Google nor they get return traffic.

#3 update old Content time to time

In the world of blogging, if you want to become a pro and you don't want your blogging dead in the future then it is important to write a creative blog post, but along with that it is also necessary to update your Content time to time. The more you update information in blogger, more Google will give priority to your blog. And always try to remove broken links from blogger website. Many site audit tools are available in internet  where you can easily detect broken links and backlink in your site. 

#4 post in daily routine

Blogging is a profession in which audience opinion have to be understood to get success. Every audience wants daily latest contents, If you do not add daily content, then it can also become the reason for your blogging to be dead in future because the audience will not take any interest on your blog and blog's posts - which may slowly dead your blogging career.

#5 Stop Copy and Paste

most of new blogger tries to copy the content of others site and paste it in their blogs posts, which makes them rank on Google, but after some times  the website gets blacklisted by the Google which may decrease your blog performace and reduce ranking on google. To avoid this issue, you can get knowledge from different sites and then you can add that information to your blog with own creativity.


It becomes clear from the above mentioned facts that blogging will never going to dead because many people still prefer to read blogs and Google also prefers blog more in comparison to paid ads in mostly cases. You only have to focus on these points that will help you in making your blogging career successful and prevents your blog from being dead in future.