Shopify Website Builder Review & how to build a Shopify website

Hey folks, do you want to know "How to build a Shopify website"- If yes, then you have come to the right place. But before that you have to take a review of the Shopify website builder.

Shopify Website Builder Review & how to build a Shopify website

As you would know that online business has seen a lot of growth in a few years. Every shopkeeper is taking his business online for getting good profits along with worldwide customers. If you are also a businessman and you want to take your business online, then It is good to say that there are various approaches to built E-commerce website including Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Shopify and much more.. With the help of these E-commerce website builders tools you can create your own shop online.
But today we will only talk about Shopify website builder. Through this article will know about what is Shopify website builder, what are its features? Its pricing and how to build a Shopify website for E-commerce stores.

What is Shopify website builder?

Shopify is E-commerce website builders tool  which empowers businessmen to built E-commerce website like webstores within few seconds. It is a Canadian multinational commerce company founded in 2006 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake - Whose headquarters are currently in Otawa, Canada. It is good to say that 1.7 billions of people over 175 countries using this Platform as of  may 2021.

According to builtwith survey, "more than 1.58 million of website built and run with Shopify website builder".
If you also want to create an ecommerce website store and want to earn a lot of profit from it, then the option of shopify website builder is good for you. Shopify ecommerce website builder is also a good WordPress alternative where you can easily create an online store and customize it as per your needs.

Features of Shopify

We have discussed about the meaning of Shopify website builder tool and now, we will learn about the main features of Shopify website builder tools. So, let's dive in!

• Fully Customisable

Shopify is an easy to use and easy to manage online store solution where you can create website, blog and online e-commerce store and fully customize it as per your own business needs.

• Free tools

Shopify supports 25+ of free tools including logo maker, QR code generator, WHOIS domain lookup, Domain name generator, CPM Generator, Profit margin calculator and much more. which helps you to run online business. In simple words, it provides many tools to sell and grow your retail business.

• Highly SEO Optimised

In shopify website builder, you also get to see highly SEO friendly tools, with which you can optimize your online store and rank it easily on search engines.

• All payment gateways supported

Shopify supports various payment gateway option with which you can add payments gateways to your e-commerce website and receive & send payments worldwide.

• Burst by Shopify

Stop using copyrighted photos, start exploring free stock photos for website and commercial use Images with Shopify Website Builder. Shopify provides the feature to use and download free high quality photos for your e-commerce website. Here, you can explore photography of different categories including fashion, clothes, home baking, fitness, online shopping and much more.

• Hatchful by shopify

Hatchful by shopify is a free program where you can design professional logos for your e-commerce stores. And also hundreds of Fully loaded templates are available on shopify.

• 24/7 Customer support

Shopify is an award-winning E-commerce website builder which provides contact support 24/7 whether you are facing any troubleshoot issues or need any business advice.

Pricing of Shopify Website Builder

It is good to say that shopify offers 14 free trial with no payment information required!! - which means you can set-up your store and pick a Shopify plan later. Now, let's take a overview of its pricing plans;

Basic Shopify plan

This plan is Best for new businesses or online businesses and it will cost you around $29 USD per month and it includes following features;
• Online store(includes e-commerce website and blog)
• Free SSL certificate
• Sell unlimited products without paying extra charges.
• Sales channels - where you can sell your products on online marketplace and Social media platforms.
• Availability to add 2 admins on shopify POS.

Shopify plan

You will have to pay around $79 USD per month for this plan and it includes;
• One retail store
• Recruit upto 5 members on Shopify admin and POS
• Analyse professional reports
• Free SSL Certificate
• Manual order creation supports

Advance shopify plan

Get Fully loaded business features with Advance Shopify website plan. For that you have to pay around $299 USD per month and it includes following features;
• You can show Third-party calculated shipping rates on your e-commerce website.
• Free Advance report Builder tools
• Generate gift cards
• Get free Abandoned cart recovery feature
• Free SSL certificate with highly Secured  payment gateways.

Shopify Website Pros and Cons

We have discussed the pricing plans of Shopify website builder tool and now we will know the pros and cons of Shopify website builder tool.
Pros of Shopify Website Cons of Shopify Website
• Built-in tools • Manually intensive
• Extremely Flexible • Hard to adjust custom uploaded themes.
• Customizations• Limited font styles
• Supports 3rd party integrations.• Little bit expensive.

How to build a Shopify website

We have discussed the pros and cons of Shopify website builder tool and now we will discuss the steps of how to build Shopify website;

• Create an Shopify store

Before setting up your business store online, you'll need to create a Shopify account - it's quite simple. First you have to go to Shopify website, then you will see pop-up on your screen. Simply "Enter your e-mail address" and press the Start free trial button.

Shopify Website Builder Review & how to build a Shopify website

After this you will reach the sign-up page where you have to create password and name, after filling this form click on "Create Your Store Button".

how to build a Shopify website

• Tell Shopify about your yourself

After creating an Shopify account, you will have to answer some FAQs including your current revenue, business category and other basic information - after Answering these FAQs click on "Next" button.

how to build a Shopify website

• Add Address

In this step, you will have to add Address so you can get paid. These settings will be used as default business address and you can also change it later. After filling your Address details simply click on "Enter my store".

how to build a Shopify website

• Select Plans

In Shopify website builder you will get 14 days free trial pack after 14 days you will have to buy its e-commerce plans for which you have to pay some amount of money.

how to build a Shopify website

 - Select your perfect business plan and come back on Main Website dashboard.

how to build a Shopify website

• Add themes

As you already know, themes are another aspect of attracting audience and generating more sales. So, right now you have to choose a perfect themes which can give a attractive and elegant look to your e-commerce website. In Shopify, you will find variety of themes, by applying which you can give more professional look to your e-commerce website.

how to build a Shopify website

• Customise layout

After choosing perfect theme for your e-commerce website, now you have to customise layout according to your business needs. One thing should always be kept in mind that all the important elements get optimized on your website. So, that audience can easily navigate to your e-commerce website.

how to build a Shopify website

• Add Domain

Shopify provides free subdomain for your e-commerce website (such as but you can also add custom domain which gives you branded look as well as good users attractions.

how to build a Shopify website

• Add products and publish it

Last step, your e-commerce is completely ready to serve, now you just need to post daily products and simultaneously promote them on social media channels to increase your business sales.

how to build a Shopify website


Above we have discussed about the Shopify website builder tool. Through this article you have learnt about what is Shopify website builder tool, its features, pricing plans, its pros and cons and how to build a Shopify website. You can easily make your business website with the help of Shopify website builder tool as it provides a lot features like customizing, free tools, highly SEO optimised, Burst by Shopify, Hatchful by Shopify, 24/7 customer support, etc. Shopify website builder tool provides different pricing plans and you can choose any plan according to your requirements. I hope this information related to Shopify website builder tool will be helpful to you all.

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