Weebly Website: Review, Pricing, Features, Steps to make, Pros & Cons

Through this article you have learnt about what is Weebly website, its features, pricing, pros and cons and perfect guide to make Weebly website...

Hey beautiful people, are you interested in building Website on Weebly Website builder tools? - If yes, then you have come to the right place. But before that let's take a review of Weebly website?

Weebly Website: Review, Pricing, Features, Steps to make, Pros & Cons

You must be notice that due to the increase in technology for a few years, there is a lot of improvement in our lifestyle.

Earlier we had to go to the market to buy some products but now we can easily buy and sell any product sitting at home through the internet. This has been possible only because of the websites. If you are also a business person and want to take your business to the advanced level, then you need a website along with a shop, through which you can do world wide business from one place. For creating a website, you will find many website builder tools on the internet. So, let's have a look at one of these website builder option named "Weebly website builder". In which you will be able to easily create your business website without anyone's help.

It is good to say that in this article you will get all the information about Weebly website like what is Weebly, its features, its advantages and disadvantages, how to create a new website by weebly website builder.

So, let's dive in !!

What is weebly Website?

Weebly is all-in-one web hosting and website builder tool that allows webmaster to create websites of blogs, Business and E-commerce stores within few minutes. Weebly was founded by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri and Chris Fanini. It is good to say that weebly website builder has been very popular since 2006, and it has been awarded "the 50 best website" by Time in 2007. Now, Weebly Website is part of Square Inc. Weebly website has more than a million online customers which includes more than 6,00,000 paid subscribers.

Weebly is a free website builder tool that allows you to grow Business by creating website. It also provides bundles of features which makes it good WordPress alternative. These features are variety of themes, drag-and-drop, web designs, Advance Apps and plugins, etc. 

Features of Weebly Website builder

We have discussed about the meaning of Weebly website now we will discuss about about the main features of Weebly website builder tool.

• Drag-and-drop

Weebly supports a Drag and Drop feature in which you can easily create a website by drag elements on page. The specialty of Weebly is that you can build website without any knowledge of coding and can easily customize them according to your own needs.

• Easy to manage

Nothing matters whether you have blogger website or ecommerce store website, with weebly website builder, you can manage your website content and easily construct your own world. In Weebly website builder tool, you will get Simple and Easy to Manage Website Solutions through which you can easily handle the administration work of your website. 

• Responsive and fast loading templates

Are you still facing the problem of slow loading speed? - if yes, then say bye-bye to slow speed templates because weebly provides responsive and fast loading templates with which you can boost your website speed and enhance your business.

• Free sub-domain 

You also get a free subdomain in Weebly, using which you can freely give a unique identity to your website.

• Variety of themes

In Weebly you will find variety of free themes, by applying which you can give elegant and professional look to your website.

• Custom domain registration 

Looking to build a branded business website? - Weebly has solution!! As we know that along with good themes, custom domains also contribute a lot in making a website professional and giving your website a unique identity. If you also want to make your website professional, then you will also get the option "to add the website with custom domain" in weebly, where you can easily link top level domain with the help of advanced DNS servers. You can also purchase custom domain and web hosting on Weebly.

• Multi website making support

In weebly, you get to see the features of creating a multi website, using which you can create any blog, business, e-commerce, photography or personal website within seconds. 

• Apps integration and plugins

Weebly Website builder tools supports dozens of free app integrations and plugins which includes SEO optimizer, Audience analytics, call-out box, PDF file embed, SMS marketing bot and much more. By using these plugins you can easily perform any task without writing a single line of coding.

Weebly Website builder Pricing

Above we have discussed about the main features of Weebly website now we will know about the pricing of Weebly website builder tool. You will get to see many free and paid plans in Weebly Website builder. So let's discuss in detail about the pricing of weebly website builder.

Weebly Free plan

It is good to say, weebly website builder provides free plan for webmasters which includes, 

• Free Weebly branding sub-domain.

• Free SSL Security

• Free 500 MB Storage space.

• Free marketing tools such as: SEO, Lead Capture and dynamic Contact forms.

Weebly connect a domain plan

This plan is only for connecting custom domain on weebly website. You will have to pay $5 per month which will includes following features;

• Connect a custom domain.

• Free SSL Security

• You to get 500 MB storage capacity.

• Search engine optimization, Lead Capture and Contact forms.

Weebly Pro plan 

Weebly pro plan is specially designed for Organisation website which will cost you around $12 per month and it includes following features;

• Free Custom domain worth $20.

• You will get Google ads($100 credit)

• Free SSL Security.

• You will get Unlimited Storage space.

• Can remove Weebly ads

• Site search feature.

• You will also get E-commerce tools like shopping cart and can accept payment through square & third party providers.

Weebly business plan

You will have to pay around $25 per month for this plan and it will include following features;

• Free custom domain

• Google ads($100 credit)

• Free SSL certificate.

• Unlimited Storage space 

•Can remove Weebly ads

• Free E-commerce tools ( Shopping cart, Payment options, Inventory management, shipping calculator and much more..)

• Variety of marketing tools.

Weebly business plus plan

You will have to pay $38 per month for this plan and it will include;

• Free custom domain

• SSL Security 

• E-mail marketing support

• Unlimited Storage space

• Unlimited E-commerce and marketing tools.

• High SEO optimizer tools

• Customer care Support (Forums, chat, email and phone)

Weebly Pros and Cons

We have discussed about the pricing of Weebly website builder now we will know the pros and cons of Weebly website builder tool.

Pros of Weebly Website Cons of Weebly Website
• Variety of Themes • Slow media uploading speed
• Easy customization • Limited blogging tool
• Drop and down feature supported. • Limited design flexibility
• Highly SEO optimizer tools • Little bit expensive.

Perfect guide to make a Weebly Website

We have discussed about the pros and cons of Weebly website builder tool now we will discuss about the steps to make a Weebly website.

• Create an account

To create a website on Weebly, firstly you have to open your account on it, which will protect your website from web theft and keeps your data secure. It is very easy to signup on Weebly, Simply you have to fill your details including your Name, E-mail address, Country, etc. then you have to verify captcha code. 

Steps to make a Weebly Website

Why CAPTCHA code? It's just a formality, only system wants to be sure that are you human or robot. By filling these information, tap on " Create an account" button and wait for 5 seconds!! - Now you have become a part of weebly family.

• Select Website layout

After creating an account on Weebly Website builder, you have to select website layout. You will see two options on the desktop screen - " I just need a Website" and " I need a website with an online store".

Steps to make a Weebly Website

If you want to create a simple blog or personal website, then you have to select the first option and if you want to create your business such as online e-commerce stores or company products website then you have to select the second option.

• Choose theme

As you already know "First impression is the last impression" - Whenever a visitor lands on your website, he first sees the beauty of your website and you also know, only elegant theme will enhance your website. 

Steps to make a Weebly Website

So, before making your site you have to choose the best theme which will give good impression to your audience. Weebly supports variety of themes collection where you can easily choose perfect theme for your website.

• Select your Domain name

Along with perfect theme, domain is also another aspect to make good impression on audience's mind. Domain provides many benefits like it gives a unique identity to your website on search engines, etc. So if you want to give good impression on audience as well as on search engines then you have to add Domain on your site. 

Steps to make a Weebly Website

Weebly offers free sub-domain to Weebly webmasters but if you want to buy and add custom domain then you can also add custom domain to your Weebly website by Advance DNS servers.

• Customise Front page

After selecting domain for your Weebly website, now you have to customise your website's front page. You can easily customise and add required elements on your Weebly website by drag-and-drop method. 

Steps to make a Weebly Website

Tip : don't use excessive elements on your website front page because it will increase your website loading time which will indirectly effect on your SEO optimization.

• Add important pages

After customizing your website's front page, now you have to add important pages including Contact us, About us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer and blog which will enhance your website audience as well as give good navigation.

Steps to make a Weebly Website

• Apply Apps integrations and publish it

After adding important pages on website navigation bar, you have to add apps integrations or plugins on your Weebly website. Why should we need these app integrations? In simple words, app integrations is kind of plugins that are mostly used for optimising website and to increase its efficiency on search engines. Apps integrations includes features like SEO optimizer for ranking on SERP, Page analysts for monitor users impressions and many more. 

Steps to make a Weebly Website

You can use these plugins in your own website to make it more elegant and professional. After applying these integrations tools, your website is ready and now save your data and hit the button of " Publish". 

Hurrah!!! Now you are ready to use your website.


Above we have discussed about Weebly website builder tool. Through this article you have learnt about what is Weebly website, its features, pricing, pros and cons and perfect guide to make Weebly website. Weebly website is an all-in-one web hosting and website builder tool that allows webmasters to create different types of websites like business websites, e-commerce websites, blog websites, etc. Weebly website provides you a lot of features with which you can easily build your own website. The main features are drag and drop, easy to manage, free sub-domain, variety of themes, apps integration, etc. The Weebly website is available in both free and paid versions. Weebly website provides different types of pricing plans so you can choose according to your requirements. I hope this article will be helpful to you all.