How to verify Twitter account | Get instant Blue tick on Twitter account

Hey folks, want to get blue tick on Twitter? And want to know how to verify twitter account then a good news for you. Recently, Twitter has again started the account verification service after 3 years. Blue Tick on Twitter offers a lot of users to build their brand. You must have heard that twitter is one of the best social media platforms through which we can express our views with the whole world. In such a situation, if your account is verified, then it will become icing on the cake. But for that you have to fit into certain categories. That are, you have to be a public figure beforehand. If you have passed this criteria then you will be able to take blue tick on twitter easily.

How to verify Twitter account | Get instant Blue tick on Twitter account

What is Twitter Verification program?

Like we found out that it has again started its verification program after a pause of three consecutive years. So lets first know what this twitter verification program is? 

Under this verification program, Twitter allows the user to distinguish the  authenticity of high public interest accounts with a check mark. This check mark is a mark of blue tick on twitter. On seeing this blue tick on Twitter account, people believe that they are having conversation with a trustworthy person. This blue check mark act as a identification sign which tells us that they are what they tell us. They can be anyone - journalists, government, brands, organisations, celebrity or any other public figure. Twitter provides the facility to user of of some decided categories to get a verified account. 

Now after this, we will discuss about how to verify Twitter account.

Process to get a blue tick on Twitter account or how to verify twitter account

 • If you don't have a Twitter account, then firstly you have to create an account.

 • When you are creating a new account, you will have to give correct information in it, such as your name, date of birth, email, password, etc.

 • Then you have to give details about yourself or the company. Fill all the details carefully.

 •If you put your Twitter account in Private mode, then make it public.

 • You have to fill the form on, in which you will have to openly tell about your brand, so that Twitter also feels that your brand is really exercised and Twitter does not hesitate to verify you. 

 • Then you have to do KYC. You can get your kyc verified by selecting any of these four options i.e.,  driving license, aadhaar, pan or voter card.

 • After completing all the steps, submit it.

 • Wait a few days after that Twitter will contact you soon. If Twitter approves then it's well and good or otherwise after 30 days you will have to again follow the steps mentioned above and submit the request to verify the Twitter account again. Be patient, you will soon get a blue tick on twitter account and your Twitter account will also get verified.

Newly launched verification program of Twitter

So let's know what is in this relaunched verification program of Twitter?

Twitter has launched its application verification program again with some added new guidelines which tells that how can one gets verified Twitter account ?  It also includes a set of basic rules or instructions that tells how to conduct your verified account. In order to get blue tick on Twitter account or to get a verified account, you have to fit on this six categories which are as follows

- Gaming and sports

- brands, organisation, company

- government

- journalist and news organisation

- entertainment

- organisers or some other influential person.

All the Twitter is also planning to add some more categories like religious leaders scientists, and  academic, etc. later this year. In order to get blue tick on Twitter account and individual have to submit these following things in their verification application

- Profile name

- profile photo

- email address or phone number

- an account that it is active within 6 months.

- record of followed rules of Twitter.

Why Twitter reopened its verification program?

Now let's know why Twitter has launched its verification program again.

Twitter had stop the verification application program three years ago, through which user gets blue tick on Twitter account. And all this time, Twitter was looking for user's feedback in order to rectify its verification policies. And recently IT ministry has asked different social media platforms to provide the perfect mechanism for verification to those users who want to get a verified account. The rules dictate that an appropriate verification mechanism should be provided to those users who want to get a verified account and it should have verification mark on it. 


Above we have discussed about the relaunched application verification program of Twitter. Twitter has again started its verification program after three consecutive years. With the launch of application verification program, some new guidelines were also announced. In these guidelines, the instructions to get a verified account is mentioned. If you fit in certain categories then you can easily get blue tick on Twitter account. The certain categories are- journalist, government, entertainment, gaming and sports, brands or organisations or any other public figure. In this article we have also discussed about how to verify Twitter account. I hope this article will be e useful to you all.

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