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Word Counter is a simple and free tool that helps you to count words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and also tells the reading time.

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What is WordCounter? 

WordCounter is a free online tool with which you can easily count words, letters, characters, sentences, etc. With Online WordCounter tool, you can count unlimited characters or words in the text. It is important to know the word count when the author have to write articles, essays, reports, book, etc., with minimum or maximum word limit. WordCounter will tell them whether they have enough words limit or whether they have surpass the word limit. This free WordCounter allows to quickly calculate and count the words in a text without charging you any amount. WordCounter tool is very helpful in advertising, publishing, legal proceedings, etc.

Why use WordCounter and importance of WordCounter?

As we know that, WordCounter is an online free tool which can be easily use to count words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, etc. With WordCounter tool, the author or writer can easily write within the word limits and if they exceed the word limit then try can calculate it with WordCounter and can edit it before submitting. It is important to know the reading time for a particular text so, with the WordCounter you can easily know about the reading time of your text. WordCounter is very useful and helpful for publishing, advertising, website, blog, corporate documents, etc. If you use social media platforms then you would know that their are different prescribed amount of words you can post, for example- In the Facebook comment section, you can post a text with upto 8000 characters and similarly, 2200 characters is the limit for the caption in Instagram. So, with the help of WordCounter we can write within these word limits.

This online free WordCounter tool can also be helpful in improving the ranking of your posts if you are writing for SEO. If you check the top ranking pages in the search engine result page, then you will know that most of them have word between 1500 to 2000 or above. So, if you want to rank your posts in search engine result page then you can take help of WordCounter to write within the limits.

How to use WordCounter?

Here, we will learn how to use WordCounter tool. WordCounter is a free online word count tool with which you can easily count and calculate the number of words, characters, paragraphs, sentences and the reading time. WordCounter is a simple and easy to use online tool. To use WordCounter tool, you just have to paste your content or text in the input box and then select the option from the below, which you want to perform, i.e., if you want to count words then select that particular Option or if you you want to know the reading time of the text then you can select the reading time option. And then you will get your result in the output box.