Instagram Auto Follow | Organic and Inorganic ways to boost followers

You will found many articles on the internet related to Instagram auto follow, no one will tell you the real way to increase instagram auto follow but

Looking for a solution to get instagram auto follow faster? 

Instagram Auto Follow | Organic and  inorganic ways to boost followers

In today's time, every person wants to be one step ahead of the other. - And it is Similar in case of Instagram. Instagram is a social media platfrom where you can convey your views to the world. Many people use Instagram's platform to add friends, Promotion, Affiliate marketing and to increase business. 

Every person wants to be popular on Instagram.The person with more followers in Instagram is considered as popular. But get auto follow on Instagram is not that easy task. In this article, we will tell you how to get organic auto follow in instagram and become popular in instagram. And till the end of the article, You will also know an Instagram Auto follow trick.

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Organic ways to boost Instagram auto follow

You will found many articles on the internet related to Instagram auto follow, no one will tell you the real way to increase instagram auto follow, but we will give you step by step guide so that you will be able to get followers on your Instagram in the organic way.

#1 Professional Account

As we know First impression is a last impression, So try to impress everyone in the first go. Suppose a user visits your Instagram profile and your account is under construction, then that user will not be interested in following you. Whenever you create an Instagram account, make it bloom and create as attractive profile as possible. The more attractive the profile is, the sooner the user will be impressed and you will be able to gain followers through the organic way in Instagram.

#2 Post with routine

This is the second most important factor for increasing followers on Instagram. Always try to post daily on Instagram. Now you must be wondering how this will bring auto follow to Instagram. So Listen, everyone is interested to know about what's happen in other's life. If you post daily then others will be more curious to know more about you. Believe me they will definitely follow you...

#3 Use Hashtags

The hashtag is a tag that we can use to show our posts on the specific field.

Hashtags plays a very important role for being popular and for auto follow on Instagram. You can also viral your post through hashtags. If you want to become famous on Instagram and want organic auto follow on Instagram in less time, then always try to put a hashtag on each of your posts.

Some popular instagram hashtag that will boost your instagram auto follow ;

" #autofollow #autolike #like #follow #followme #instagram #aztagram #likeforlikes #likes #followforfollowback #likeforfollow #love #instagram #instagood #follow #like #style #bloggerstyle #lifestyle #blogging #photooftheday #life #influencer #likeforlike #autocomment #auto #instagood #instaphoto #cool #followback #followforfollow #followers "

#4 keep active

Some people just think that by creating an account on Instagram they will become popular in Instagram and will easily get instagram auto follow but just by creating an account you will not get followers, for that you will also have to be socially active on instagram. 

#5 like & Comments on other posts

You will not get followers just by posting posts on Instagram or staying active, along with that you will have to do like and comment on others' posts and interact with them. For organic traffic in Instagram, you have to understand this fundamental - you have to give something to get something.

#6 Paid Promotions

In Instagram, the idea of ​​paid promotion for auto follow is good but this method may be a bit expensive for you. For paid promotion you have to dm any popular account and ask them for paid promotion. They will give the paid promotion of your account by showing it through the post on their account. Due to which the audience of the popular account will also come to your account, if they find their account attractive then they will definitely follow your account.

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Instagram Auto Follow | Organic and  inorganic ways to boost followers

Inorganic ways to boost Instagram auto follow

Now I will tell you some platform from where you will be able to increase Instagram auto follow instantly.


This will be the first app in our list by which you can easily gain instagram auto follow.

Its version will also be found in PlayStore but you will have to download full version from its official website.

Nutrino plus+ interface is very easy to understand. You just have to download it and then install it in your Android phone. After that you have to login, after login process, you can gain instagram auto follow. How?

You will have to find the diamond logo on this app, after tapping it, you will see the users' profile. You have to follow them, after that you will get diamonds in it, after redeeming them, your profile will also be there. Other users will also follow you through this process. If you want to take diamonds without following, then you have to purchase diamond from its store.


Ighoot instagram is a free platform for auto follow and auto likes. Ighoot site provides you auto follow feature for free. Along with this, it provides other features such as auto comments, auto likes, auto follow, status download, etc. The way to use it is also very easy. You have to go to its official website from your chrome browser, then you also have to login in it like Nutrino Plus +. After that you can fully use its features. In this, you have to like and follow the profile of others, from which you will get coins. You can easily gain followers by redeeming those coins. But in this you will also be given a time limit, if you take auto follow once, then you will have to wait for 1 hour for the next session.


Likepool is a platform specially designed for instagram auto follow and auto likes. Its latest version 2.9.8 was roll out on 19 april 2020 which you can download the extension from chrome web store. In likepool you do not need to login, this extension will runs in the background. In likepool you get auto follow feature along with it you can also get auto likes on some selected posts.


Kenji is a simple platform through which you can gain more followers in Instagram. It provides the feature of Auto likes and auto follow. In whole World it has 110,000 + satisfied customers. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge, you can still setup auto follow in 60 sec. This platform can become an effective growth method for you. 


Instato is a paid tool website in which to pay for auto follow. In this, you can also manage your multi Instagram accounts.With the help of this platform, you can monitor the performance of Instagram schedule posts, responses and hashtags. If you want to try Instato auto follow then you will get 3 days free trial. If you like the trial, then continue it. Its starting plan starts at $ 29.95 per month. If it is outside of your budget, then you can get free instagram auto follow by using the above platform.


Nowadays every one wants to become famous on Social media. If you are searching solution for getting insta follower faster, then you will get your answer in this article. Here, we have discussed about both organic and inorganic ways to easily get instagram auto follow. There are various organic ways available to get instagram auto follow quickly such as use of hashtags, be active, paid promotions, etc. 

Similarly there are also many inorganic ways to get instagram auto follow. There are both paid and free Platforms available from which you can get instagram auto follow such as Nutrino Plus+, Kenji, Likepool, etc. I hope all this material will be helpful to you.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for information purposes only. We do not recommend anyone to take auto follow through inorganic ways. If you decided to gain Instagram auto follow from inorganic way platform, then firstly read their disclaimer and Privacy Policy.