What is canva? Perfect guide to create graphic designs with canva app

Through this article you have learnt about what is Canva app, it's features, steps to create perfect graphic designs and features of Canva Pro.

Hey Beautiful People, Want to Create Stunning Graphics Design With Canva App? - If yes, then read this article complete because today we will discuss about the Canva app and Canva's perfect guide through which you will easily be able to make good graphics designs on your smartphones.

What is canva? Perfect guide to create graphic designs with canva app

As you may have known, there has been a lot of development in technology in a few years. Nowadays, everyone likes to work on the internet more than working offline. As the internet facilities are increasing, the demand for graphic design is also increasing. 

Now you must be wondering what is graphic design? - Graphic design is a kind of art in which we create  stunning picture  in any blank image with the help of text and graphics.

Graphics design is used in many places such as blogger websites, newsfeed, magazine, channel, etc...

We will find many platfrom on the internet, with which you will be able to easily design graphics, one of these platforms is canva app.

Do you want to Create stunning graphics without Any headache? - If Yes, Then you should have to know about canva app and also how to use canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a web-based graphic tool that provides us the feature of creating beautiful and understandable images.  Using the Canva graphic designer, you can easily create social media posts, Invitation cards, YouTube thumbnails, business logos, resumes, business cards, posters, infographic, certificates, blogger images, flowcharts and many more graphics in just a snap. Canva is available in both web version as well as mobile app version, which you can easily download from playstore and Appstore.  On Canva, you can also upload, edit and design your photos by yourself.  Another important thing of Canva is that you do not need coding or manual techniques, you can easily design any image graphically up to advanced level with the help of drag and drop.

Canva supports more than 100 languages with which you can create graphics in your regional language.

 It is good to say that in canva you will get a lot of features for free !!  But if you are serious about your work and want to use its premium features, then you have to take its premium plan which is also pocket friendly.

Features of Canva

• Drag and drop editor

Canva supports a drag and drop feature through which you can easily create graphic design without any coding and manipulation.

• Library of fonts

In Canva you will get a library of hundreds of free fonts with the help of which you can create your graphic design in any font style.

• Free stock of images

In Canva, you will find images of creative common which you can easily use anywhere without any copyright.

• Custom templates

In Canva, you will find thousands of preloaded templates, using which you can make your graphic design more classy and elegant.

• Elements

Canva also has a feature of elements in which you will get to see many png, line, logos and art, using which you can make your design even more beautiful.

• Text on images

In Canva, you can upload an image and write anything in text form on it.

• Add Music

With Canva you can apply sounds in any graphic or image.

• Video support

Canva is a multi-editor platform in which you can edit videos along with photos.

• Share folder

In Canva you also get a share option through which you can easily share any graphic designed image with your business partners and customers.

•  Photo Editor

Canva is a designer software as well as photo editor tool in which you get to see other photo editing features such as filters, crop, blur, vignette, brightness and many more features with which you can edit images too.

Perfect guide to create graphic designs with canva app

 By following these given steps, you can create a good graphic design through the canva app.

Step # 1 Create an account

Like we told you earlier that you can also use canva for free, but for that you have to first create an account on canva. It's not big deal!  You can easily create an account on canva with the help of google id, facebook id or email.

Login on canva app

Step # 2 Select shapes and size

After creating an account, you will directly dive into the main dashboard. Here you will be get the "create a design" option, Simply hit that option and choose the size according to yourself.

Customize size in canva app

If you have any problem in selecting size and shape on canva then you don't have to worry because in canva you will also get 90+ pre-size formats with which you will be able to select the perfect size for your image.

Step # 3 Choose template and background colour

After choosing custom size, now you have to choose a nice template for your image.  On Canva you will get hundred of templates with which you can enhance any image.  After selecting the template, you have to change its background color according to your choice.

Add template on Canva app

 Step # 4 add text

Now you have to put text on your image so that everyone can get attracted to your image.  Make sure your text is in short form so that you can easily adjust the size of the template.

Add text on Canva app

 Step # 5 add elements

 It is smart move for enhance image by placing elements in it. In Canva, you will get to see more than hundred free elements, with which you will be able to make it even more attractive by applying those elements on your graphic image.

Add elements on canva app

Step # 6 finish and save it

Hurrah !!  All done Now, you can easily save your designed image directly in gallary and also you can share your graphic design to any other networks.

Save image in canva app

How to use canva for free

It is quite a simple process, after creating an account on canva, you can easily use it for free, in this you will get to see many free templates, elements, creased common photos and stickers.  So what are you waiting for it !!

Should you upgrade to Canva Pro?

Canva is also available in paid version which is known as Canva Pro. In canva pro you will get more premium features in comparison to its free version. To upgrade canva app you have to pay around $10 per month.

The features which you will get in canva pro are as follows

• You can resize any design with just a click.

• For easy access, branding kit is also available to add brand colour, logos and fonts.

• You will get more than 60,000 free templates.

• You can also upload and use your own fonts and logos.

• You can also export your designs as MP4 videos and animated GIFs.

• You also get more than 60 million premium stock photos graphics and videos.


Above we have discussed about Canva. Through this article you have learnt about what is Canva app, it's features, steps to create perfect designs and features of Canva Pro. Canva is a graphic tool with which we can create classy and elegant looking images. There are numerous features available in Canva. Canva app is available in both free and paid version. And for paid version you only have to pay around $10 per month. It is very simple and useful designer tool.