How to get instant Google Adsense approval within 24 hours

Today I will teach you how to get instant google adsense approval within 24 hours but before starting the topic let's discuss some basic things which
Different ways to get instant Google Adsense approval within 24 hours 
How to get instant Google Adsense approval within 24 hours
With the growing use of internet everyone wants to earn money just by sitting at home through online medium. At present time there are many platforms available through which an individual can generate money.
Nowadays, many bloggers and Youtubers wants to earn good money from Google Adsense. For this, they work hard throughout the year, yet they do not get the approval of Google AdSense and then they get frustrated and give up their work. Today I will teach you how to get instant google adsense approval within 24 hours but before starting the topic let's discuss some basic things which are as follow:


AdSense is #1 Advertising program run by Google, in which publishers and content makers make money by showing ads on their content. It is initially come in existance 18 June 2003.Google Adsense takes direct advertising from many companies & Promotes company's products and services by placing ads in different websites and youtube through its advertising network and shares its revenue with publishers. Adsense provides various ad units for generating good revenue such as Banner ads, interstitial ads and responsive ads.

How it pays?

Adsense is a trusted platform through which  you can earn good amount of money. There are a lot of advertisers on the internet who pay very little to showing ads but adsense pay more than their alternatives.
Adsense uses the CPC (cost per click) algorithm, where adsense pays $ 1 to 10 dollars per 1000 impressions in ads, but it all depends on your niche and traffic source.


 Content must be Unique

Most of the new bloggers think that they will copy someone's content and it will easily ranked on Google & earn millions of rupees from Google Adsense but Google is not so stupid. Google easily detects the copied content and do not approve your Adsense account until you delete that content from your site. For instant approval of AdSense within 24 hours, the content must be more than 500 words, unique and high quality.There are many tools available on the Internet which can scan your content and show plagiarism content Such as SmallSEOTools, Duplichecker, OnlineSearchreports etc.

Avoid illegal content

Some people publish illegal content on their website such as adult content, drugs abuse content, hacking, fraud due to which Google neither likes nor monetize such content. If you want to take instant approval from Google Adsense and earn money from it, then you should avoid putting such content on your website.

Minimum Posts

If you want instant approval of Adsense within 24 hours, then you have to upload more posts with good content.The more posts, the more chance will be there for Google Adsense approval. If you want to earn money from blogging, then your blog should have minimum 30 posts, that too with minimum 500 words limit.

Avoiding other Advertising Agency's

Some of the advertising networks are not supported by the Adsense, if you use such networks then your Adsense application can also be rejected. If you use Google Adsense as well as other advertising platforms which are not supported by the Google Adsense, then you have to remove their Advertisment before applying on Adsense program in order to get approval.

Make good navigation and pages

As we know, Google Adsense is the largest ad agency which give more earning in comparison to other alternatives. In order to earn money from AdSense you have to put good navigation in your blogger site so that the user can easily go to any page on your website. And having good navigation on your site will also give a professional feel to Google and it makes easier to get approval for your website.

Now you must be thinking how to make good navigation on your website?
Let's discuss the process of setting proper navigation on your website. It's very simple procedure;
First of all, you have to create these four pages.
• About Us : Add up the basic information of your blog on this page Such as which niche your blog works on. Then write about the author which contains name of the author, where is he from, his Qualifications and his  experience.
• Contact us : This is very useful page for every website. If a visitor has to ask anything or give any suggestion, then he can send a message to you through this page.
• Disclaimer: Disclaimer are pages that provides the information relating services and it protects our work from bad practices and legal issues.
• Privacy Policy: Privacy is very important for the visitors of our blog.  Through this page, we assure every visitor that information given by him is safe and kept with full privacy.If our blog or website collects information about any visitors, then we have to include all this in our page for visitor's satisfaction.

Avoid Paid traffic

Paid traffic is a paid source of traffic that comes from the help of computer bots. There are many such sites on the internet that provides paid traffic for websites and google easily detects these traffic sources. If you have organic traffic on your website and it is ranking on Google, then you can get  instant adsense approval within 24 hours .

Domain Age

When a new blogger buys a domain, he only seeds it for approval of adsense, but the application eventually gets rejected due to the low age of the domain.The age of the domain means a lot for approval of AdSense. More older domain is directly related to more chances of approval of your AdSense. Before submitting an application on AdSense, know that the age of your domain should have to be a minimum of one month.


Here, we have discussed the basic things related to Google Adsense and some useful ways to get instant Adsense approval within in 24 hours. For getting instant Adsense approval you only have to consider these simple steps while uploading any content on your blog.