20 best adsense alternative for Website

there many better AdSense alternative for website such Adcash, ylliX, BuySellAds and Adnow, etc. from which you can easily earn money.

Want to know the best adsense alternative for website?

20 best adsense alternative for Website

Everyone wants to earn million dollars through blogging, for which they work hard in their blog day and night. On internet you will find many advertising networks which you can join and earn money. One of them and the most popular platform is Google Adsense. 

Google Adsense is the oldest player in the race of ad networks. AdSense is a product of Google which was launched in 2003. AdSense is the first choice for every blogger as it gives better cpc than other Ads network and it is also the most trusted platform. 

But Adsense has been very strict about its policy from the beginning. To make money in AdSense, it is very important to follow its policy. Sometimes we make a blog on a niche that violets advertising policy. Due to which their AdSense permanent blocks that account. So what to do in such a time? 

This is a very common question that comes in the mind of every blogger. Through this article, we will answer your questions that what are the best adsense alternative for website? And which ads networks can be used along adsense.

Let's dive in!!

20 Best adsense alternative for website

We have dropped down the Best Adsense Alternative for website, from which you will be able to easily choose the best alternative of adsense for your website or blog.

1. Media.net

Minimum payout : $100

Media.net is second largest in the list of contextual advertising program. Media.net is the first and best alternative of AdSense. Media.net also serves rich quality ads like Google Adsense. It has more than 500,000 ads publishers. Media.net works on CPM which means media.net pays you current rate at per thousand impressions. And you get this current rate according to the traffic source in your website. Like Google adsense, Media.net can also be a good way for you to earn money from advertising. But for thus you will have to accept their program policies as well. Media.net has less strictness as compared to Adsense. Let's look at their main policy.

 • Your website should be submitted to bing webmaster.

 • Your website should have unique content of significant amount.

 • Your website should have majority of traffic from UK, USA and Canada.

 • Your content should be in English language.

 • And most importantly, before applying to media.net your website should already have enough volume of audience.

2. Amazon Native shopping ads

Minimum payout : $100

 If you are a good shopper then you must have heard the name of Amazon. Amazon is an e-commerce website in which you will get the products according to your needs. Recently Amazon has launched an advertising program of its own where you can place Amazon's advertising on your website and generate a good income. If you are searching for the best Adsense Alternative for website, then Amazon native shopping ads will be the best for you. This advertising program gives you good commissions for showing ads as well as selling the product. In this, you will get stylish and responsive ads units, which you can easily customize and place the proportions according to your own. In this, you will not need to approve - even if you have a new website, you can start showing ads by creating an account "Amazon Associates".

3. MediaVine 

Minimum payout : $25

MediaVine is the third and most popular advertising program. If you are looking for the best Adsense alternative for website, then MediaVine will also be a better option for you. MediaVine also supports rich advertises and responsive ads unit like Adsense. Apart from this, MediaVine works on the principle of RPM, which means that it pays you according to the current price per thousand impression. It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which means that you can show ads of Adsense along with mediavine ads in it. This will not cause any harm to your AdSense account.

 To join with this advertising network, you have to focus on a few things like;

 • Your website should have at least 60,000 page views for months.

 • Your website should have original content

 • Your content should be long term and attractive.

 • And the most important thing that your website should not be blacklisted on Google AdSense.

4. Adthrive

Minimum payout : $25

Adthrive is a well-known premium content advertising network. Adthrive has been in the race of ads networking since 2013 and its parent company is CMI Marketing, Inc. If you are looking for Adsense Alternative for website, then adthrive is also a good option for you. Apart from this, you can also place ads of adthrive with adsense ads. Because it is also a certified Google publisher partner. Your earing in adthrive is also based on RPM. Let's take a look at their policy of approval;

 • Your website should have a monthly 100,000 page views.

 • Most of the traffic source in your website should be from USA, UK.

 • Along with the unique content on the website, it should also fit the advertising criteria.

 • Your website must be secured with https.

5. Taboola native ads 

Minimum payout : $50

Taboola is a native advertising network with more than 500M active users. This ad network shows advertisements on your website through Taboola feeds. Taboola native ads is good Adsense alternative for website. 

Taboola pays you using both CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (Cost per mile). This is Adsense friendly ad network which means you can use both taboola and adsense on your website. There are many such blogs and news websites that are getting good money and good traffic on their website with the help of Taboola native ads.

6. Popads

Minimum payout : $5

If you want to earn money through pop-up advertisement, then popads will be the one of the best option for you. Popads is a dynamic and high pay ads advertising network for popunders. Popads is supported in more than 50 countries, including Austrailia, Northern America, Western Europe and India, etc. Popads is also a good adsense alternative for website.  

But if you are thinking of using popads with Adsense in your website, then it is not a good idea as popads is not Adsense friendly. Popads pays you to show per popup ads and this pop-up rate depends on the traffic source. You will not need approval in this, you can create an account in it and directly add script code to your site.

7. Infolinks

Minimum payout : $50

Infolinks is the third Largest Contexual Advertising Network in the world. Infolinks is supported in more than 128 countries and Infolinks is serving ads on 350,000 websites world wide. Infolinks' ads automatically show ads related to the website's niche. In Infolinks you get banner ads, interstitial, pop-up and text ads which you can easily place on your website. If you are searching for an alternative of AdSense, infolinks can also be a good option. Apart from this, you can't use it with Adsense because it is not a Adsense friendly ad network.

8. Revenuehits

Minimum payout : $20

Revenuehits are a self-service ad network. It was discovered in 2008 by the company Intango Ltd. Revenuehits provides a continuous and geo-targeted advertising service. Revenuehits is also a good alternative of AdSense for monetising. 

It does not pay as much as AdSense, but it pays better than others alternatives. In it you will find ad units of banner ads, popup, under slides ads. But you can not use it with Google AdSense. Revenuehits pays you on the basis of ad cross click of visitor.

9. PropellerAds

Minimum payout : $5

PropellerAds is also an ad network agency which provides monetise services to the website owners through Affiliates and Advertising. This network is one of the biggest ad network which has more than 1 billion active users around the world. In the propeller ads, you will get to see push notifications, onclick ads, inpage push ads, etc. 

Recently it has also come with the option of native interstitial ads, so that you can also place banners and interstitial ads units on your website, but for that you should be in top 5,00,000 in the Alexa rank. Propeller ads work on revenue models of CPM & CPS. In Propellerads you get instant approvals.

10. Adsterra

Minimum payout : $5

Adsterra is a content advertising agency in which you get to see popunder, social bar, push ads and native ads services. Adsterra works with more than 12000 advertisers and in addition, Adsterra gets more than 30 billions of ads impression shows in a month. There are many such website owners who are earning millions from this. Adsterra works on the revnue model of the eCPM. This means adsterra pays you as per thousand impression. It is also a good alternative of AdSense.

11. RevContent

Minimum payout : $50

RevContent is the ad network which provides exclusive native ads. It is a good option for alternative of AdSense as a large no. of people use RevContent in place of AdSense. The ads of RevContent goes well with the website without much efforts. It pays you 1-10 cents on CPC basic. And in addition to this you does not have to worry for approval as it gives instant approvals. It is a best AdSense alternative for website owners and bloggers in order to earn money online.

12. ylliX

Minimum payout : $1

If you are looking for better payout monetization platform then ylliX will be the best alternative of AdSense. It offers different types of ads for both desktop and mobile. With addition to this, ylliX also provides popunder ads, mobile redirect, layer page ads, and sliders, etc. And you don't have to worry for approval as it also gives easy approvals. The referral program of ylliX gives $100 to the referred new publishers and advertisers. And that is why, it is a perfect AdSense alternative for website owners.

13. Adversal

Minimum payout : $20

Don't get confused with Adsterra and Adversal. Both are different Ads Agencies.

It is self-serve advertising agency with which you can easily monetize your website within few seconds. Adversal is a rich ads network which serve Video, Native and on display ads. This ad network works on robust default tag management system that protects us from swindle filter ads. It also a better AdSense alternative for website owners. To join this ad campaign, you also have to follow their policy. Let's discuss their policy.

 • To join an adversal ads campaign, you must have a custom domain.

 • There should be no illegitimate content on your website.

 • There should be a minimum of 50,000 page views per month.

 • And most importantly, your content should be user friendly.

14. Sovrn

Minimum payout : $ 25

Sovrn is the one of the most Premium ad exchange network. It powers more than 40,000+ independent sites such as ESPN, Britannica, dwell, Startribune and many more. It can also be a perfect AdSense alternative for website.

Sovrn is Adsense friendly ad network so you can also put Sovrn ads with Adsense ads on your website.

Sovrn pays you on CPM basis and you can easily earn $1 dollar per thousand impressions. You can start Sovrn's campaign even if you have zero page views. Sovrn's policy is also strict like Essence. Let's take a look at their policy.

 • Content should always be unique and user friendly.

 • There should no illegitimate content on your website.

15. Bidvertiser

Minimum payout : $10

Bidvertiser is another at sense alternative for websites which offer you trusted and reliable ad network. A publisher can easily monitor is there a website with the help of bidvertiser. It provides banners, popunder, sliders, native ads, and smartlinks, etc. 

Along with this, bidvertiser also provides mobile friendly ad formats. You can target ads that are based on keyboards, channels and location with the help of bidvertiser. It pays you money for every ad click and it can be a good alternative of AdSense.

16. Setupad

Minimum payout : €100

Setupad is a another good option for alternative of AdSense. Publishers can increase their ad revenue with the help of setupad ad networks. Shutupad is a monetization platform which works on header bidding technology. 

If a publisher had previously used Google AdSense he/she can increase 30% of their ad revenue with the help of header bidding technology of setupad ad networks. And in this way it turns out to be a perfect AdSense alternative for websites. In order to earn money through setupad ad network your website must have a traffic of more than 100k per month.

17. Adnow

Minimum payout : $20

Adnow is an advertising network with more than 160,000 partners, including Amazon, Ebay, Peerply, and Ali Exprees, etc. It is one of the fastest growing ad network. Adnow is supported in more than 114 countries. Adnow provides you with native ads, by which you can easily monetise your website by showing these ads. It is a perfect AdSense alternative for website.

18. BuySellAds

Minimum payout : $20

BuySellAds is a another alternative of AdSense which helps the publisher to maximize their ad revenue with their advertising strategies. With the help of full stack revenue optimisation toolkit, publishers can easily manage their ad revenue. BuySellAds concisely and cleanly manages multiple advertisements with multiple publishers. And in this way it can be a better option for AdSense alternative for website. BuySellAds give approval to only those publishers who have high quality English content on their websites and they should have approx 100000 monthly page reviews on their website.

19. Adcash

Minimum payout : $25

It is an online advertising Network agency with its headquarters in Tallinn. It was one of the top ad networks since it was launched in 2007. In this, you will get multi ads formats, which you can easily put on your website. This ad supports network clean and easy integrated ads which will not have any bad effect on your website. 

If you put Adcash's ads on your website, then you will get good eCPM along with good fill rate. And the biggest thing is that in Adcash, you can withdrawal instantly after completion of threshold. And in this way it turns out to be a perfect AdSense alternative for website.

20. Skimlinks

Minimum payout : $10

Skimlinks is also an advertising platform that was launched in London in 2007. Skimlinks mostly serves commerce related advertisment. It can be a better alternative of AdSense. Here you can easily access more than 48,500 Affiliate programs and generate a good earning by showing those affiliate ads on your website. Skimlinks pays you on a CPC and CPM basis.


At present time every body wants to earn money just by sitting at home. So above we discussed about the alternatives of AdSense in order to monetise your website and earn money just by sitting at home. If you are a publisher and want to earn money through advertisement networks then there many better AdSense alternative for website such Adcash, ylliX, BuySellAds and Adnow, etc. from which you can easily earn money.

In this article, I have discussed the alternative of Adsense, this does not mean that I do not like Adsense. I do like AdSense very much and I also give the highest priority to AdSense. The AdSense policy is not as strict as we think. Its not big deal. AdSense always allows legal and good content creators to move forward. And as you know AdSense is Google's product and Google has always been the most trustworthy source.