WordPress or Blogger which one is better? Comparison and Conclusion

A question comes in every blogger's mind that from which platform they should continue their blogging. Wordpress or Blogger.Before choosing a Blogging

WordPress or Blogger which one is better and why?

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
A question comes in every blogger's mind that from which platform they should continue their blogging. There are lot of options available on the internet for blogging but only two of them are the best i.e., WordPress and Blogger. Both platforms are used for blogging, but both of them are completely different from each other. Let's start with pros. and cons. of both WordPress and Blogger. But before choosing either one, you need to know about WordPress or Blogger.

What is Blogger?

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
Blogger was launched by a company called Pyra Labs in 1999 and was bought by Google in 2003. All the data of Blogger are stored in Google, and you cannot access its server. Blogger provides you free hosting service and free subdomain. When you want to start a blog with ZERO costing and just want to share your thoughts, Blogger is the right option. If you are blogging for money or your branding, then Blogger is not right. It also has some issues in functionalities and SEO.

What is WordPress?

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
WordPress is an open-source software designed for everyone. WordPress was started in 2003. At present time, WordPress occupied more than 40% of the power on the Internet.You can freely and easily install it but for WordPress blog you have to do hosting and buy domain which is slightly expensive.

WordPress or Blogger Which one is Easy to Use?

Most of the content creators do not know how to develop and design web. They simply do blogging as hobby or to earn money. 

Is Blogger really easy to use?

You can use blogger easily, you just have to login with your Google account, then you can start by selecting a nice template. Setting up a blog on blogger is very easy, but if you want to customize it according to your own, then you should have a little knowledge of html or else it can be a bit difficult.

Is WordPress really easy to use?

Setting up a blog on WordPress is very easy, if you do not know the coding then you can easily download the plugin and customize it according to your own.On WordPress you get many free and paid plugins, by which you can apply themes to your blog accordingly and you can make navigation according to your own.
From the above fact(wordpress or Blogger), it becomes clear that if you know coding properly then blogger is best option for blogging. And on other hand, If you don't know coding, then you can work with Wordpress.

WordPress or Blogger Which provides fully Ownership?

Before choosing a Blogging platform it is crucial to Consider ownership of your blog. With full ownership of blog you have opportunity to freely do anything.

Is blogger provides full ownership?

As we know blogger provides free hosting server due to which half of the ownership of your blog goes to the blogger. And as a results it limits your control over the blogger. Google have right to shut your access in blogger anytime. In some cases, it has been heard that sometimes the blogger account gets deleted automatically without giving any prior notification. 

Is WordPress provides full ownership?

Because of WordPress being open source software, you have to choose your own hosting. And with your hosting, it provides you full ownership in which only you have control and google will not have any kind of right on it.

WordPress or Blogger which platform provides tools and Plugins.

plugins and tools help us to take our blog to advanced level. With the help of tools and plugins, we can add any new feature.

Is blogger provides tools and Plugins?

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
The blogger does not provide any plugins to anyone, but yes if we know coding then we can easily customize it.Tools are limited on blogger, it can neither be removed nor added. 

Is WordPress provides tools and plugins?

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
So the answer is yes, We can get both free as well as paid plugins on wordpress, all we have to do is install them and apply in blog. More than 1000 plugins are available in WordPress, but they will be slightly expensive for you.

WordPress or Blogger which one is more secure?

Before choosing any blogging platform, we also have to check its security to protect the website from blacklist and Cyberpunk. If our platform is not secure, then our whole year's hard work will go away in a moment.

Is blogger Secure for blogging?

As we know, Blogger is a service of Google and Google is considered as the most secure server at present time. If you are using blogger for blogging then you do not have to worry about security.

Is WordPress Secure for blogging?

On Wordpress, we have to buy our personal hosting through ThirdParty. It provides good security to some extent but it does not perform better in comparison to google.

WordPress or Blogger whose blog Appearance is better?

Appearance of a blog is considered as a crucial aspect which needs to give a effective first impression in order to attract visitors and keep them around your blog.

Blog design options in Blogger

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
Blogger includes a limited set of templates which can't be modified or created by oneself. There are different types of templates available in the blogger but it is difficult to find quality templates. Blogger falls behind in term of blog design options due to less customisation options, limited range of templates, etc.

Blog design options in WordPress

WordPress or Blogger which one is better for blogging?
WordPress includes several high quality and premium themes for free. And also you can modify and customise these themes according to your choice. There are approximately 7,400 free themes available on the official page of WordPress.

WordPress or Blogger which one is more cheaper?

To set up the blog and make it a brand, a little cost is incurred. Before choosing any blogging platform, we need to know its pricing so that we can invest on it according to our affordability.

Total cost for making blog in Blogger

Blogger is a free platform in which you do not have to worry about hosting and domains.But if you want to make your website branded, then you will have to spend money on custom domains.There are many such domain providers on the internet who will provide you with top level domains in the range of $5 to $10 for 1 year. Such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc.

Total cost for making blog in WordPress

Wordpress is slightly more expensive than Blogger. In this you have to buy personal hosting as well as a domain which is about $3 to $5 per month.If your budget is high and you can afford expensive platform, then WordPress is a great option for you.


Today we have discussed about which one is best plaform WordPress or Blogger. If you are a beginner and do blogging as a hobby, then blogger will be best option for you. But in case you want to do blogging professionally then I will recommend WordPress as a good option. And overall I will recommend you to use Blogger. Blogger undoubtedly has fewer features but it is still the best option for personal blogging and it is easily affordable.