10 Best Plagiarism checker and Plagiarism remover tools for free

Through this article you have learnt about what is plagiarism, meaning of Plagiarism checker, consequences of plagiarism and best Plagiarism checker..

Hey folks, are your looking for best working Plagiarism checker and Plagiarism remover tools? - If yes then you have come to the right place.

10 Best Plagiarism checker and Plagarism remover tools for free

As you know, in a few years there has been a lot of development in the world of blogging. It is good to say that many of people still like reading blogs. 

In today's time, blogging has become a platform through which you can share your thoughts with the world and earn good money from it. Today's young generation is also very serious about blogging. If you are thinking to start blogging, then firstly you must know what is Plagiarism? - Because sometimes you may have to face this problem in the field of blogging.

So today we will discuss about Plagiarism. Through this article you will learn about meaning of Plagiarism, what is Plagiarism checker, and " best Plagiarism remover tool". 

So, Without wasting any time let's dive in today's topic..

What is plagiarism?

When we use any content like picture, video, text form, etc. from any other person or source for our own benefit without giving credit, then that content is called plagiarism.

According to the blogging, when a blogger copies the content of another blogger and publishes it on his blog without any permission, then it is also called plagiarism. If you use another person's hard work in your blog for free, then you also have to face some consequences.

 You can't use someone's content, but you can use some portion by giving reference or credit, but it also has some limits. So, Before we understand them, let's know about what is Plagiarism checker?

What is Plagiarism checker?

You must have understood the meaning of Plagiarism checker from its name, but still let me tell you that Plagiarism checker is a kind of web tool or software which is highly used for detecting Plagiarism. 

In simple words, it is an online detector tool with which we can easily find out whether the content is unique or copied. It works on an advanced technology, with which we can know that which websites have same content like ours and you can also find out in what percentage that same or copied content is available on other websites.

Consequences of plagiarism

We have discussed the meaning of Plagiarism checker and now we will discuss about consequences of plagiarism.

• Bad effect on ranking

To be ranked on any search engine, it is very important to have unique article along with SEO optimization. If you publish Plagiarised content on your blog or website, the search engine will add your blog on blacklist and it may also affect ranking of your website.

• Adsense disapproved

There are many such bloggers who want to earn money from blogging, for which they work hard for the approval of the adsense. If you are also one of those bloggers then you will have to avoid the Plagiarism content otherwise you will never get an AdSense Approval.

• Cheating and dishonest

If you continue to take advantage of any other blogger by coping their content, then people will give you the tag of cheater and dishonest which is not a good thing for your blogging career.

• Lack of knowledge

If you continue to use Plagiarism content, then you will never feel like learning something. You will always depend on others and will never try to write anything by your own.

• Legal action

If you constantly copy other blogger's content, then that blogger will have all rights to take legal action against you and that will affect your blogging career badly.

10 best Plagiarism checker and remover tools

We have discussed the consequences of plagiarism and now we will discuss about best Plagiarism checker and Plagiarism remover tools. Let's take a overview; 

1. Duplichecker - free Plagiarism checker tool.

2. Small SEO Tools - simple Plagiarism checker software.

3. Plagscan - first rate Plagiarism checker and remover tool.

4. Grammarly - Advance Plagiarism checker and remover tools.

5. Copyscape - duplicate content checker.

6. Plagiarism detector - free and intelligent Plagiarism checker tool.

7. Quetext - deeply text Plagiarism checker software.

8. PrePostSeo - fast Plagiarism checker software.

9. Search Engine Reports - sentence by sentence Plagiarism checker tool.

10. Copyleaks - Another good option for Plagiarism checker.

Now let's discuss it in detail;

• Duplichecker

Duplichecker is an AI (Artificial intelligence) based online plagiarism checker tool that deeply scans your content and shows you the correct Plagiarism report. This is a free Plagiarism checker tool in which you can easily scan paragraphs up to 1000 word limit. In this you will get multi uploading options which means you can also upload any file with any format and check its Plagiarism. Duplichecker is both Plagiarism checker as well as Plagiarism remover tool which means by using duplichecker you can check Plagiarism and can remove it. If you have less grip in grammar, then you can also find your grammar mistakes and can improve them with the help of this tool. Apart from this, you get a bundle of SEO tools, with which you can easily do search engine optimization.

• Smallseotools

Smallseotools is all in one SEO optimizer and Plagiarism checker software where you can easily check Plagiarism or rewrite Plagiarised content. In this Plagiarism checker tool you can scan a paragraph upto 1000 words per search. This is an AI technology based Plagiarism checker software which gives you 99% correct results. A special feature of this tool is that it compares your content with more than 1 billion pages at a time and shows you correct results. It also supports multi-document, in which you can scan text as well as documents. Along with this, you get to see the feature of downloading and sharing Plagiarism reports. Apart from this, you get to see wordcheck, Plagiarism remover, article rewriter, logo maker and many other SEO tools in this. It is good to say that Smallseotools Plagiarism checker is also available on Playstore, appstore and mac stores for free.

• Plagscan

Plagscan is a top rated Plagiarism checker tool which is used by Universities and institutions to scan their documents. Plagscan is a paid Plagiarism checker tool but you also get a free trial option in this tool. Here, you can easily scan your content with just a couple of clicks.This tool works on every file formats such as .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf etc. Plagscan is a safe Plagiarism checker software which neither stores your data nor shares it with third parties.

• Grammarly

Grammarly is multi scanner software which checks your common grammatical mistakes along with Plagiarism. Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool has a very large database, due to which it easily compares your content with over 16 billion of pages and gives you the correct reports. This Plagiarism tool is also part of the robust app which gives you the correct sentences and grammar suggestions. Million of people all over the world highly trusts Grammarly plagiarism checker tool. You will get to see this tool in both free and paid versions, which you can also download from Playstore.

• Copyscape

 Copyscape is also an online plagiarism checker tool which lets you to easily identify sites that have copied your content. On Copyscape, you can scan Plagiarism only through the URL. In this, you don't get any feature of uploading files or copy paste text. In simple words, you will get to see limited features in the free version of Copyscape Plagiarism checker tool. For advanced features, you have to take its premium plan which can be a bit expensive for you. With the medium of Copyscape you can scan the pages of your entire site in just one click and you can get the information of plagiarism content directly through your email.

• Plagiarism detector

 Plagiarism detector is a free and one of the most intelligent Plagiarism checker tool that provides accurate and exact percentage. It doesn't matter whether you are a student or a professional, you can easily find Plagiarism with the help of Plagiarism detector. It is available in both free as well as paid versions. You will be able to scan paragraphs upto 1000 word in free version and in paid version, you can scan upto 25k words. Plagiarism detector offers you to check your content deeply and finds Plagiarism. In this, you will get multi Plagiarism checker options, with the which you will be able to scan your document as well as website url. Apart from this, you will get grammar checker, Plagiarism remover and Paraphrasing Tools in it, with which you will be able to easily customize your content SEO friendly.

• Quetext

Quetext is the fastest and secure online Plagiarism checker tool with which you can easily find Plagiarism content in your article. It is available in both free free and paid versions. You can simply check progression by creating an account on Quetext plagiarism checker tool. It is a good Plagiarism checker tool which compares your content with the different web pages, online textbooks and many more sites. Quetext plagiarism checker tool gives you accurate results and it shows the copied content by underlining. Quetext plagiarism checker tool provides many features like security, easy interface, comma corrector, privacy, deepsearch technology, style editing, etc. There are limited features in the free version of Quetext plagiarism checker tool but if you want some additional features then you can switch to its paid version.

• PrePostSeo

 PrePostSeo is a free and most underrated plagiarism checker tool in which you will find 90 varieties of SEO tools including grammar checker, plagiarism remover, article rewriter, paraphrasing tool, word counter and much more . It is an online plagiarism checker tool that allows many authors, blogger, and webmasters to check plagiarism. It is good to say that on Prepostseo you can freely scan paragraphs upto 1500 words limit. It also supports file uploading, with which you will be able to scan your documents easily. PrePostSeo is also a secure plagiarism checker platform where none of your search information or content is shared to any third party. It is also available on Playstore, appstore and chrome extension. And in this you also get the option to download reports and you can share these downloaded reports to your colleague.

• SearchEngineReports

SearchEngineReports is a free and Efficient Plagiarism checker and remover tool which is specially designed for detecting and removing unwanted Plagiarism on content. This plagiarism checker tool works on an advance AI technology which shows you instant and accurate results. The most important thing about this tool is that it deeply scans each line of your paragraph and shows its correct result. SearchEngineReports also supports multi file uploading feature with which you can also upload documents and easily scan it. This Plagiarism checker tool works on a simple mechanism, with which you can match your data with the data of more than 1 billion websites and if any similar data shows then this plagarism checker tool also allows you to rewrite the Plagiarism content. SearchEngineReports is a secure plagarism checker and remover tool that does not share your search data with any third party.

• Copyleaks

Copyleaks is an another best online plagiarism checker tool which works on machine learning and AI technology. Copyleaks is available in free version and you can also take subscription of it. Copyleaks Plagiarism checker tool provides the feature of platform integration which means it can be integrated with different platforms like Google docs and Microsoft word, etc. Along with this, it supports more that 100 languages. And apart from this, it also provide many features like duplicate file finder tool, code plagiarism checker, comparison between two files, extensive search, comprehensive reports, etc. Copyleaks Plagiarism checker tool Support many file formats like .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pdf, etc. You can easily download and share the reports in this tool.


Above we have discussed about Plagiarism. Through this article you have learnt about what is plagiarism, meaning of Plagiarism checker, consequences of plagiarism and best Plagiarism checker and Plagiarism remover tools. As we learnt plagiarism is a content which one person copies from any other person or source and if you constantly uses Plagiarised content in your articles then you have to face many consequences. 

So to check and remove Plagiarised content, there are many tools available on the internet. These tools are available in both free and paid versions. You can easily check content with the help of these tools. I hope this article will be helpful to you all.