Squarespace: Review, Pricing and How to build a squarespace website

Are you planning for moving your business online with Squarespace website builder but before that do you want take the review of squarespace - If yes, then stay connected with this article.

Squarespace: Review, Pricing and How to build a squarespace website

As the days are passing, so many changes are taking place in our daily life. Earlier, we had to go to the market to buy or sell any product, but now due to the evolution of the Internet, we can buy and sell goods from anywhere in the world just by sitting at home. And all this is possible only because of websites. In today's time, whether they are businessmen, writer or developer everyone is taking their business and passion online with the help of website, due to which they are getting customers as well as earning good money. 

It's not too late, if you are thinking of taking your business online after reading my article, this idea is good!! - But for that you have to choose the best website builder platform. You will find many website builder platforms on the internet including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Squarespace and more, with the help of which you can easily take your business, blog or e-commerce website online. Let's talk about one of those alternatives, named "Squarespace".

Through this article we will discuss about Squarespace review, Squarespace features, Squarespace pricing and How to build a squarespace website.

So Without wasting time, let's dive in!!!

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is all-in-one web solution that empowers webmasters to create beautiful and professional website by providing ready-made Website templates and drag and drop menu to create and modify webpages. Squarespace is an American based website building company which is currently situated in New York City. Squarespace website builder was launched by Anthony Casalena in 2004, since then this software has been a good WordPress alternative. And it's good to say that over 450,000 websites on the Internet are powered by Squarespace. It is free software service which provides the feature to build websites (including blogs, e-commerce stores and professional website). Along with this Squarespace, provides one of the best hosting service and custom domains.

Squarespace features

We have discussed about the meaning of Squarespace and now we will discuss about the the features of Squarespace website builder.

• Customisable Templates

Sqaurespace website builder offer varieties of flexible & easy to handle website templates and each Squarespace Template is Specially Designed by World Class Designers. These Templates supports all major content types including Pages, Searchbox, Navigation bar, Calendar, blog and so on. And all these major content types can be easily customized according to your brand.

• Drag-and-drop Elements

In Squarespace, you also get to see the feature of drag and drop elements, through which you can easily build and customize your layouts without writing a single line of coding. Whether you want to create good navigation or add an image to your website, you can easily customize it all in less time with the help of drag and drop elements feature.

• SEO Friendly

All websites built with Squarespace website builder tools are highly SEO optimized which means you will not have to do much SEO optimized settings, you can simply download the SEO plugins by going to its integrations section and with the help of that you can easily rank on the SERP of the search engine.

• Mobile Responsive

All the templates available on Squarespace are highly responsive and AMP optimized which can be surfed on any screen size device with less loading time.

• Integrations

Squarespace integrations extend your site power and performance on web. With Squarespace subscription, you will get tons of Optimised integration tools and you have to purchase an additional paid subscription for more advanced integration services.

• Multi platform

Squarespace supports multi website platforms through which you can easily develop any type of website including Blogs, Business website, Cooperate website, E-commerce and web stores.

Squarespace pricing

We have discussed the features of squarespace and now we will discuss about the pricing plans of Squarespace website builder. In this article we will only explain the pricing plans on monthly basis. If you buy squarespace pricing plans on yearly basis then you will get 30% off on each pricing plan. So, let's start!!

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace Personal plan

This plan is for personal website and for this plan you have to pay monthly $16 and it includes following features;

• SSL certificate with Custom domain Support.

• Can add upto 2 contributors.

• Unlimited bandwidth with storage.

• Advanced SEO optimization for site visibility.

• Basic web metrics and Tons of Squarespace integrations.

Squarespace Business plan

This is one of the most popular and pocket friendly Squarespace plan. For this plan, you have to pay $26 per month and it includes;

• Free SSL certificate and custom domain.

• Basic web metrics.

• Unlimited bandwidth with storage.

• Free professional E-mail from google.

• Complete Customisation with CSS and JavaScript.

• Can use fully integration tools and blocks.

• Get upto $100 credit on Google ads.

• Sell Unlimited products and can accept donations from customers.

Squarespace Basic plan

This plan comes with tons of business features. For this plan, you have to pay $35 per month and it includes;

• Free SSL certificate with Custom domain.

• Premium Squarespace Integrations and Blocks.

• Point of sale and customers account support.

• No transaction fees.

• Powerful E-Commerce Analytics and Merchandising Tools.

Squarespace Advanced plan

This plan is fully loaded with business and e-commerce features. You have to pay monthly $54 for this plan and it includes;

• Free custom domain name and SSL certificate.

• Fast web-hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

• Highly SEO Optimised tools.

• Award winning 24/7 Customer support.

• Premium integrations and blocks.

• Advance web metrics.

• Fully Customisable templates.

• Advanced shipping and discounts.

• Abandoned cart recovery.

• Commerce APIs and and no commerce transaction fees.

Squarespace website pros and cons

After discussing the pricing plans of Squarespace website, now we will discuss the pros and cons of Squarespace website.

Pros of Squarespace Website Cons of Squarespace Website
• Variety of templates and designs • Loading speed are not ideal. (low)
• Multi-platform support • No support of Third party integrations.
• Drop and down feature supported. • Only one sub-Navigation
• tons of Integrations and extensions. • Little bit expensive.

Best Squarespace Website Examples

We have discussed about how to build a Squarespace website, now let's see some examples of Squarespace website. Here, we have listed the best sqaurespace website. So, let's start;

KeyNest - one of the best Squarespace website example.

Studio McGee - another best Squarespace website example.

Yellow co. - can compete with the best Squarespace website examples.

The Welsh House - best Squarespace website example.

Fire & Flour bread - another option for best Squarespace website.

The Hatch Institute - in the queue of best Squarespace website.

Kismet - best Squarespace website example for food related items.

Freemans Restaurant - one of the best Squarespace website example.

Rodarte - Best Squarespace website example for boutique products.

Lyft blog - another best Squarespace website example for personal blogs.

How to build a squarespace website

Now, let's discuss about how to build a Squarespace website.

• Create an account

Before starting to build website with Squarespace, you have to create an account on Squarespace. Here, you can continue with Google account or can create account with custom email address. After creating account you'll need to verify email address from your email inbox!!

How to build a squarespace website

• Choose site name and Category

After creating an account on the SquareSpace website, you must choose the website name and the category of the site.

How to build a squarespace website

- Always keep in mind that the name of the site should be according to your website NICHE and a keyword should definitely come in the name.

• Select a template

After choosing the name of website, you have to select a template which will give a professional look to your website. Squarespace provides a vast range of templates themes like for business, portfolios, restaurants, stores, etc. You can choose any template theme according to your requirements. And you can check whether the template suits your website or not by clicking 'Live Preview' option. 

How to build a squarespace website

There are different types of templates available in Squarespace website but I highly recommend you Almar Squarespace templates.

• Add Important pages

After choosing perfect template for your sqaurespace website, you need to add important pages which includes blog, contact us, about us, disclaimer and privacy policy. As we know, Pages are a great resource for navigating any audience on a website. 

How to build a squarespace website

Pop your pages in the navigation bar to make them easily accessible.

• Setup your products online( For E-commerce)

This step is optional, if you are creating a website for personal use, then "skip" this step as it is only for webmasters who have e-commerce website and for people who Wants to create an online store.

How to build a squarespace website

- by tapping on "Get Started" You can set up your e-commerce store and promote and sell your products with the help of this section.

• Add Extensions

After adding good navigation system on your sqaurespace website, you have to add necessary extensions. Why? - These extensions or integrations will helps you to improves your website speed performance and makes better user friendly interface.

How to build a squarespace website

Squarespace provides tons of integration tools that will never let you feel bored!!

• Setup Custom domain

After adding necessary extensions, you must add custom domain for your website. It is a good way to promote your site into brand website by adding or linking it with top level custom domains. 

How to build a squarespace website

- But you have to make sure that your custom domain should be similar to your website name and a keyword should definitely come in it.

• Public your Squarespace website

After connecting domain with the squarespace website, this is the last step in which you will have to publish your website. But for this you have to purchase the paid subscription of squarespace. The site will be visible as soon as you buy its subscription. Apart from this, you can also make your website password protected, with squarespace website builder.

How to build a squarespace website

Squarespace Review

Squarespace website provides a wide range of features and a variety of highly responsive template themes. Squarespace website provides different pocket friendly pricing plans which makes it a good WordPress alternative. And if you purchase the pricing plan of Squarespace website on yearly basis then you will get 30% off.


Above we have discussed the review of Squarespace website builder. Through this article you have learnt about What is Squarespace, its features, pricing plans, pros and cons and step by step guide of how to build a Squarespace website. There are various features of Squarespace website builder with which you can easily build any business website. These features are customisable templates, drag and drop elements, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, integrations, multi platform support, etc. Squarespace website provides different pocket friendly pricing plans and you can choose any plan according to your requirements. And by following the above mentioned steps you can easily build professional looking website. I hope this information will helpful to you all.

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