15 Best WordPress Alternatives for making website with Pros and Cons

Through this article you have learnt about 15 best WordPress alternative. There are both paid and free WordPress alternatives available on the ....

Want to know the best WordPress Alternatives for websites?

If yes, then read this article completely. As we know WordPress is the one of the most popular Blog / Website Builder platform on Internet. Apart from this, WordPress is an open source software that is available to everyone. Most of people prefer WordPress because on WordPress you get to see many plugins, SEO friendly tools, blogging platforms, Drag and drop, fast loading themes and many more features.

15 best WordPress Alternatives

It is good to say that WordPress occupied more than 40% of the Power on the internet. However, after seeing the limitations of Wordpress, you may have to switch to its alternatives.

 So today we will talk about WordPress alternatives in this article, which will work just like WordPress.

 Before starting Topic, one thing must be noted that each of WordPress Alternatives have their own Pros and Cons. Before switching to WordPress Alternatives, make sure to pay attention to their Advantage and Limitation so that you do not face any problem in the future. So without delay,

Let's dive in !!

List of best WordPress Alternatives

Before discussing alternatives of WordPress in detail let's take a overview of 15 best WordPress Alternatives

Wix - Another WordPress Alternative.

Blogger - Most Recommended WordPress Alternative for blogging.

Weebly - Powerful website builder tool.

Drupal - Similar like WordPress.

Joomla - best WordPress competitor.

• Ghost - Another WordPress Alternative for blogging.

Shopify - best WordPress Alternative for E-commerce Website.

• Jekyll - Good WordPress Alternative.

WebFlow - best Designer-friendly publishing platform.

Squarespace  - All-in-one web solution that can compete WordPress.

Tumblr - Blogging and social media platform.

Medium - free WordPress Alternative for guest posting.

IONOS - All in one Website Builder and Hosting platform

CMS Hub - Another WordPress Alternative

Site123 - free WordPress Alternative.

Let's talk in brief;

1. Wix 

Wix is a WordPress alternative for Creating professional like website within 5 minutes. Wix is ​​a platform that provides the possibility of designing any website and you can customize it according to your needs. It provide different services to build high quality websites in very less time, you can use Wix website tool for your business promotion, ecommerce store or blogging purpose. It is good to say that over 180 million people across the world uses wix Platfrom to create websites. In this, you will get more than 100 drag and drop features, with which you can easily drag and give your website a more professional look. Apart from this, you will also get advanced SEO tool plugin on wix, with which you can easily rank on any search engine.

Pros Cons
• Free Website builder • Need to purchase Hosting.
• Drop and down feature supported. • Need to buy plans for utilizes plugins.
• Advanced Plugins • little bit expensive

2. Blogger 

Are You Looking For Free WordPress Alternative? - It is good to say that Blogger can replace WordPress in the blogging world. If you are beginner and you want to grow your business for free, then Blogger can be a good choice for you. With the help of Blogger, you can easily publish and host any blog for free. You can also customize Blogger, but for that you must also have knowledge of coding. Blogger is more secure than the rest of the website builder because in this you get the security of Google. You will get many Blogger Templates online with which you can convert your Blogger website to any business website, news website, blog, ecommerce store and so on. Also read: Blogger Or WordPress

Pros Cons
• Free blogger website builder • No Advanced Plugins
• Free Domain and hosting • Need knowledge of coding
• Easily Customize • limited features

3. Weebly

Weebly is all-in-one web hosting and free website builder provider tool which is now a part of Sqare INC. Weebly is a powerful website building tool with which you can easily create responsive style templates for your E-commerce stores, blogs, professional website and grow your business websites. Weebly is also good WordPress Alternative where you can easily build website by drag and drop elements. Along with this, weebly also offers many products like control business with smartphone, Web hosting, website turn into beautiful blog and so on.

Pros Cons
• Free website builder • Need to purchase Hosting.
• Drag and Drop Feature Supported• Little bit expensive
• Availability of Integrated Tools. • Limited blogging tools.

4. Drupal 

Drupal is also an open source platform that act similarly like wordpress alternatives where you can easily build amazing digital experience such as open web. It is good to say that Drupal has topped the digital experience platform (DXP) race for over 20 years. Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS platform in which you will get to see a lot of features and among them my most favorite feature is that it also offers a lot of premium themes collections like WordPress for absolutely free. One thing to keep in mind before using Drupal is that due to having the ultimate features, you may find difficult while using it which means it requires most skills for full potential use. In Drupal you will get to see up to approx 50,000 extension models.

Pros Cons
• Free and open source code Bad module compatibility
• Scalability • Steep learning curve
• Multilingual content • little bit expensive

5. Shopify

If you're a seller and you want to sell your product through the online store, then the option to use Shopify is good. Simply Shopify is an e-commerce website builder tool with which you can grow your business worldwide. Shopify can also become good WordPress alternative through which you can make your online store without any coding. - it's Really Cool Na !! Apart from this, you will find well-designed templates and Ready Made Integration Tools.

Pros Cons
• Easy of use Shopify • No URL structure
• Flexibility• charges transactions free
• Scaling• No standard features

6. Joomla 

Joomla is also CMS based website builder tool like wordpress. It can said to be a true WordPress Alternative because you will also get features and functioning in joomla like WordPress. Joomla allows you to do many things which you also get in WordPress such as professional looking website, small business, government and cooperation sites. Joomla powers more than 2 millions sites all over the world. In Joomla, you will be able to see more than Ten Thousand templates and plugins with which you can give a professional look to your website and engage more customers. And along with this you get to see many more features like SEO friendly website, Mobile and user friendly interface, unlimited designs, Multi-lingual support, etc.

Pros Cons
• Easy to setup • Lags behind other CMS Platforms
• Variety of templates• Less availability of plugins
• multi-lingual • little bit expensive

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is all in one web solution that allow to turns your idea into reality. squarespace is also a good WordPress alternative through which you can easily build any niche website, blog, ecommerce website, etc. and give a professional look to it. It is user-friendly which means everyone can easily built their own website without any headache. squarespace  also provides SEO tools that can help you to rank higher on SERP. You can also use third party extention for optimize your website and expand your website life. Apart from this, squarespace also provides you premium service such as web hosting, drag and drop elements and allow to use pre-build website templates.

Pros Cons
• Blogging feature • Only one sub navigation
• Easy to use • Poor page speeds
• Variety of templates and designs • No Advanced SEO plugins

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a website cum blogging platform through which you can easily spread your ideas to the whole world. If you are interested in micro blogging, then Tumblr option can prove to be good for you. On Tumblr you will get limited features but still we can call it WordPress Alternative. A lot of bloggers are using tumblr to write a micro blog. In simple words, Tumblr is a specially designed for concise posts like short form of contents, Article, Images, videos, thoughts and quotes. And the biggest advantage of Tumblr you will get is that you can freely publish blogs without any limitation. Apart from this, you will get to see free sub domain in it, with the help of which you will be able to give a distinct identity to your blog.

Pros Cons
• Perfect for micro niche Blogging • Problem in alter page layout
• Selection of templates• limited features
• Multi formatting tools • No sorting options

9. Webflow

Webflow is one of the fastest growing wordpress alternative. With webflow, you can develop different types of web applications without any coding. You can build any type of website and can give a professional look to your website in webflow. Webflow is mostly used to develop marketing website which are popular in e-commerce at present time. In webflow you can take full control, without any knowledge of coding, over JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Webflow provides various features like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Email hosting, CMS support, etc. Webflow is a good wordpress alternative but in comparison to wordpress it is not that good.

Pros Cons
• Drag and drop • More expensive
• SEO friendly • Hard to understand 
• Powerful hosting  • Time consuming

10. Medium

Medium is blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger where you can easily setup your own blog within 5 minutes. Medium is also said to be free WordPress Alternative for guest posting. In medium, you can set up your blog without any knowledge of coding. In simple words, the medium is a largest publishing platform in which every person can write anything whenever he wishes.

Pros Cons
• Free for blogging • Limited Feature
•  Can be easily rank on SERP• No Custom URL support
• Simple interface • not eligible for Monetisation

11. CMS Hub

CMS Hub is also a content based management (CMS) tool through which we can easily create any professional website. CMS Hub is a part of HUBSPOT and it is also WordPress Alternative.With CMS Hub you can easily built and publish web pages without any knowledge of coding. CMS Hub has thousands of pre-loaded themes as well as custom development features, through which you can apply your own Templates to give an elegant look to the website. In this, you also get the feature of SEO optimization, using which you can make your content topped in search engine results. Apart from this, you will find a lot of integration tools in it, which you will be able to use by drag and drop.

Pros Cons
• easy to build website • Little bit expensive
• Advance plugins support• Should be more intuitive
• lead magnet • Ux should be Improved

12. SITE123

Site123 is a website builder tool which offers to build website without spending any cost. Site123 is also Good WordPress alternative for building professional websites. It is Intuitive website editor that allows to build website without coding. Here you will get responsive web design which will be able to fit easily on every device screen. Site123 also provide free hosting - that means you don't need to spend money to purchasing any hosting. It also provides SEO tools that will help you to optimize your website on SERP. Apart from this, you will get to see the features of free templates, custom domains and many integrated tools.

Pros Cons
• Free plan • Limited Features
• Easy to use• Layout restriction
• It supported Multi-lingual • Need to buy plan for placing Ads

13. Ghost

Ghost is another best WordPress alternative. Ghost is a platform that focus on blogging and it resembles to the Medium. Ghost is a blogging software based on NodeJS. To overcome the limitations of WordPress gosht is designed and developed. Ghost provides many features like ready made designs, customer support, free custom domain, free subdomain, blog module, social media tools, etc. Ghost is available in both free and paid versions. You have to spend around $36 per month for its premium plan.

Pros Cons
• Seo Optimised • No native comment functionality
• Easy to built websites • limited themes available
• Lightweight and minimal • Very Costly hosting

14. Jekyll

Jekyll is a static website builder tool which is written in Ruby programming language and based on NodeJS. It is also a good WordPress alternative but is not similar to WordPress. Jekyll provides as various features like static pages, permalinks, plugins, themes, templates, and drafts, etc. It is an open source website builder and you can build rich and easy to use navigation website with Jekyll.

Pros Cons
• Easy to setup and manage CMS • Long compilation time
• Short loading time • No graphic User interface
• Time saving• Few plugin and themes


IONOS is another good wordpress alternative which is designed and developed to help small businesses to get online. It provides various features like SEO tools, Social media integration, free domain for first year, built-in email marketing, etc. Along with this, you get to see many more features like Social buttons, contact forms, maps, drag and drop, etc. You can build different professional websites with IONOS by spending around $7 per month. It is a good WordPress alternative but it has limited features for some website owners.

Pros Cons
• 24/7 tech. Support • No cloud web-hosting Service
• Readymade templates available • Limited process capabilities
•  Web hosting + multi servers option • Little bit expensive


Above we have discussed about WordPress alternatives. Through this article you have learnt about 15 best WordPress alternative. There are both paid and free WordPress alternatives available on the internet through which you can easily build any type of professional websites. These alternatives provide you various features like SEO tools, drag and drop, Social buttons, free subdomain, etc. With all these features you can give classy and elegant look to your website. You can choose any WordPress alternative according to your requirements. I hope this information will be helpful to you all.