How to fix "Low Value Content" violation in Google Adsense

Have you received violation of low value content after applying Google AdSense?

When a new blogger creates a blog, he has a desire to earn money from Adsense. He works on the blog day and night to get approval of Google AdSense and earn money online. But still, due to some mistakes, he does not get adsense approval. Today we will discuss one of these problems which is known as low value content violation.  After all, why does Google give us this violation and how can we fix low value content violation of google adsense.

How to fix "Low Value Content" violation in Google Adsense

Reasons for low value content violations from google adsense

There are various reasons which can lead to low quality content violation of Google Adsense.

1. Low quality content and bad user experience

Violation of low value content is given to those bloggers who do not have good quality content in their blog.  They do not check Grammar and vocabulary mistakes while writing article and post it that way. Google always wants to give good experience to its users.  And it only validates posts that give users a good experience.

2. Content requirements

In order to get approval from Google AdSense, a particular amount of content is required. If you write less word in the posts of your blog or you have less content in your blog, then you may also get low value content violations.

3. Automatic generated content

There are many bloggers who write articles with the help of article generation tools. If you also create content with the help of these tools, then you can also get the violation of low value content from Google Adsense.

4. Thin Affiliate pages

Violation of low value content can also come when you add affiliate links to your blog. The idea of making money from affiliate programs with Google Adsense will never happen. According to Google AdSense policy, you will not get approval of AdSense until you remove that affiliate link.

5.Content from other sources

There are some bloggers who spin the content of others and publish it in their blogs. You will not know that Google's crawler crawls every word of your post, and they detects the scrapped content, and shows you the violation of low value content.

6. Doorway pages

Even if you create doorway pages of your blog, then violation of low value content can also come. Now you must be wondering what are doorway pages? Pages that rank on the same content and same queries. Let's understand with the help of an example - suppose a user searches something on Google and the results were shown there. When a user visits second website after visiting first website and he get redirected to the first website again then it is known as doorway pages.

How to avoid and fix " low value content" violation of Google Adsense

You can avoid and improve the low value content violation of Google Adsense with the help of the following ways.

• Good quality content 

If you want to avoid the low value content violation of Google Adsense, then always publish good quality content in your blog. And once check grammar and vocabulary whenever you publish any content.

• Unique Content 

If you want to take approval of Google Adsense then always put unique content in your blog.

• Good user experience

In the world of blogging, the user is God.  It is also necessary to provide good experience to the user in order to get approval of Google adsense. Always post content that can be easily understand by users.

• Minimum content requirements

Before applying Adsense, you must put minimum 40 posts so that even Google will feel that you are serious in this field.  Google often gives low value content because your blog has less no. of content. And remember one thing always write content above 1000 words so that Google can optimize it better.

• Avoid article generated tools

A lot of websites will be found in the internet which will generate articles for you.  If you also generate an article with their help, then stop doing it because Google will not give you approval.

• Avoid thin affiliate pages

Always keep in mind that if you want to earn money from Adsense, then stop putting links of affiliate programs in the content of your blog.  Because this will void Google Adsense and Google will never give you approval.

• Avoid scrapped content

If you want that you never get infringement of low value content with Google Adsense, then avoid putting scrap content in your pages.  Always add unique and good content.


In the above written article we have discussed about violation of low value content of Google Adsense. Through this article you have learnt about what is violation of low value content of Google Adsense, reasons for the violation of low value content and how we can fix or avoid the violation of low value content of Google Adsense. I hope this post will be useful to you.

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